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Low Libido
Low libido? Here’s how to increase your sex drive.
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Medications can cause loss of libido?
Evaluate your treatment
Medications can cause loss of libido?
RateADrug users often report a ‘worse’ or ‘much worse’ sex life as a side effect of medications. Antidepressants are well-known for reducing libido—a double-whammy, because depression itself can cause low sex drive.

To date, RateADrug users report a change in sex drive with the commonly-prescribed antidepressants Effexor XR (80 percent), Cymbalta (69.4 percent), Effexor (25 percent), Prozac (37.9 percent), Lexapro (38.9 percent), and e-effects.aspx">Pristiq (51.2 percent).

Ironically, birth control pills aren’t much better. In fact, a new study just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women taking hormonal contraceptives were about one third more likely to suffer ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction.’ RateADrug user evaluations bear out the new study, reporting a ‘change in sex drive’ from Loestrin (33.9 percent), Ortho Tri-cyclen (31.6 percent), Yaz (36.8 percent), Yasmin (35.1 percent) and NuvaRing (48.2 percent). This may be because low-dose hormonal contraception robs the body of testosterone.

But statins, blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, chemo drugs, prostate medications, and antihistamines can also reduce sex drive. One RAD user wrote this about her blood pressure medicine: “I have never had any problem achieving orgasm in my entire life and I am now 63 (female, athletic, in shape). This drug, at only 10MG/day, has left me a basket case. I cannot achieve orgasm no matter what I do and it's like walking around with a constant physical need that can't be satisfied. ..This is beyond awful.”

Not willing to live with that? Read on.
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If you have trouble getting cool in summer or if you sweat a lot during exercise, try using sandalwood oil as a splash on cologne. Sandalwood oil has cooling properties and is used in many Asian countries to cool the body when no air conditioning is available. It smells great and works as a natural coolant on the skin. It’s also great for acne, eczema and other skin problems that can be caused by sensitivity to heat. Regrettably, due to over cultivation in India, it's very difficult to find good quality sandalwood oil, unless you happen to visit the Mysore Provence in India or Dubai- where they sell all sorts of essential oils and fragrances.. Still, even diluted versions that can be found in the USA work pretty well to keep you cool in summer months. Try shops that sell incense or Indian goods, and if possible purchase the Mysore brand which regulated by the Indian Government and is the most pure oil available in most cases.

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