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Medicine / Fluid Absorption treatment

Fluid absoption generally takes place in the Alimentary canal or digestive tract for humans. When liquid or food is injested, it goes into the stomach where most protiens are absorbed. From there, the fluid becomes something called Chyme, and travels through the small intestine where other nutriets are absorbed. Water however, is taken up by the large intestine. The lymphatic system also absorbs f View more...
Causes of problems of absorbing fluid in the body maybe due to, but not limited to: bacteria from contaminated food or water; Virsus such as the flu; different types of parasites; some medicines such as antibiotics can block the absorption of water or certain fluids in the body through the rectum; Diseases in where a person has problems digesting certain food, such as Crohn’s disease problems with View more...
Water should be made sure to not contain any bactera that is harmful to the stomach.
Common Symptoms
Generally symtoms of fluid not being able to be absorbed in the body is vomitting, where the body rejects food, generally toxic. Diarrhea, where all fluid or nutrients arent absorbed in the body. Lastly, stomach ache or pain may occur.
Traditional Treatment
Usually for such common symptoms such as Diarrhea, medications such as "Pepto Bismol" are given. Pepto Bismol works by stopping the expulsion of fluids into the digestive system by irritated tissues via a coating mechanism . This mechanism stops inflammation/irritation of stomach and intestinal lining. Lastly, Pepto Bismol is able to kill some bacteria that cause diarrhea.
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