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Amblyopia treatment

Amblyopia (lazy eye) occurs when the nerve pathway from one eye to the brain doesn’t fully develop during childhood. This
results in blurred or wrong image being sent to the brain through the optic nerve. It has been considered as the disease of the visual
Amblyopia often occurs when one eye is better focused than the other eye. Another cause is due to an ocular misalignment, where one eye turns inward or outward. This condition hinders the eyes from focusing on an image.
Unfortunately, early vision screening is the only way to prevent it.
Common Symptoms
Symptoms include eyes that turn in or out, incorrect depth perception, and poor vision in one eye, poor special acuity.
Rare Symptoms
Rare symptoms include cataracts and ptosis (eyes cant open to the light at all).
Traditional Treatment
Treatment is effective when done early in the child’s life. Only a few treatments exist, one of them includes patching the good eye with an adhesive bandage and forcing to use the amblyopic eye for a month. Also, opaque contact lenses, and occluders mounted on spectacles.
Alternative Treatment
Atropine- reserved for children who will not wear a patch or aren’t compliant. A small dose of drug called Atropine is placed in the stronger eye to blur vision, so the amblyopic eye can be used.
Treatment Comparison
Research and Development
visual perceptual learning
Amblyopia Treatments
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