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Depression treatment

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, characterized by a constant depressed mood; marked by a significant lack of interest in attending to regular activities and routine tasks; often bordering on totally neglecting ones’ personal hygiene; associated with feelings of guilt, low self-esteem and self-confidence, insomnia, inability to concentrate, lack of appetite, physical and menta View more...
There can be several causes for clinical depression and some of the main causes of depression are biological factors; genetic or hereditary factors which we often refer to as nature; psychosocial factors which we often refer to as nurture; and/or environmental factors. While in most cases it is one of the above-mentioned factors that causes depression; there are cases where it is a combination of View more...
Staying positive; engaging in activities that are physically and mentally stimulating; cultivating new hobbies; exercising, practicing yoga and meditation; reading; learning to be open about ones’ feelings, expressing oneself by talking to a confidant or friend, through dance, art, painting etc., Eating health food by including lots of fresh vegetables, fruit, liquids, water, omega-3 fatty acid su View more...
Common Symptoms
Symptoms of depression can be classified into two broad categories:
a) Psychological symptoms
b) Physiological symptoms
Psychological symptoms:
• Characteristic symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and a constant sense of negativity and pessimism characterize ones’ thought process and approach to work, people, and activities.
• Irritability, general sense of dissatisfact View more...
Rare Symptoms
Rare Symptoms
• Delusions and hallucinations are rare symptoms of a form of depression called psychotic depression, where the person suffering from this condition imagines to someone else and sees and hears voices that are really not present.
• Increased motor activities, stupor, strange involuntary motions, and imitating other people are some of the rare symptoms of catatonic depression.
Traditional Treatment
Conventional Treatments for depression include psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, alternative treatments, and electroconvulsive treatment or ECT. Psychotherapy includes cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. Pharmacotherapy includes tricyclics also knows as TCAs, monoamine oxidase
inhibitors or MAOIs like tranylcypromine or Parnate, isocarboxazid or
Mar View more...
Alternative Treatment
Natural remedies including using herbal medications made using St. John’s wort; gingko biloba; ginseng; passion flower or passiflora incarnate, holy basil, glycyrrhiza glabra, rosemary, thyme, and yohimbine.
Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM advocates use of acupuncture in treating depression to clear blockages in an attempt to release energy and help free flow of energy through various channel View more...
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Depression Treatments
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149 Drugs
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Famous People with Depression
SmallMary Kate Olsen.jpg

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen has struggled with depression, ADD and the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has struggled with depression for years, and despite taking anti-depressants tried to commit suicide in 2007.


Sheryl Crow

When Crow suffered a bad stretch of depression in 2003, the musician began an exercise routine and took Prozac to assist in her recovery.


Jim Carrey

This comedian is self-proclaimed to be a "weird, serious person," and has been battling clinical depression since childhood.


Larry King

Late night talk show host Larry King had a bout with depression after having heart surgery in 1987.

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