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Skin Disorder treatment

Ranging from mild acne to vitiligo, skin disorders are characterized by any distortion of the skin that prevents its primary functions as the first line of defense against germs, protecting our organs, and our overall physical appearance.
There are several causes for skin disorders. Some are caused by bacteria, fungus, viruses, over exposure to ultra violet radiation, allergic reactions to drugs, infections of the skin, genetics, and common allergies.
Depending on the disorder, some skin conditions can be prevented. However, some, such as psoriasis, can not be cured. Most skin orders can only be controlled using prescription medicine. One of the most preventable disorders is skin cancer, which can be avoided by limiting time spent in the sun.
Common Symptoms
The symptoms of skin disorders are dependent on their causes and what area of the body the effect. The most common symptoms include changing the pigmentation of the skin, raised bumps on the skin, dry scaly skin, red patches on the skin, rashes, sores, etc.
Rare Symptoms
Some rare disorders resulting in the complete lost of hair on the body or pigmentation in the skin. Some disorders even resulting in continuous infection of the skin or hinders the movement of the individual.
Traditional Treatment
The most common treatments for skin disorders include Phototherapy, immunosuppressants, vitamin D, anti-cancer drugs, and special lotions.
Alternative Treatment
Sometimes people have to utilize cosmetic surgery to correct the affects of the disorders. Some use chemical peels or herbal remedies.
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Research and Development
More drugs are being made to slow down the progression of vitiligo and psoriasis. There also has been a steady increase in the amount of skin care products that treat acne, eczema, and similar skin disorders.
Skin Disorder Treatments
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