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Parkinson's Disease treatment

Parkinson's Disease is the term describing a neurological disorder in which dopaminergic neurons degenerate. Their degeneration causes a decrease in dopamine levels in the basal ganglia and this, in turn, causes many muscle system failures.
The reason the nerve cells degenerate is not yet fully understood, but heredity and drug abuse seem to be the two most likely causes (heredity being the major cause).
Oddly, nicotine and caffeine may play a role in preventing Parkinson's Disease. Also, NOT using and abusing Dopamine releasing drugs, such as ecstasy, is another way to protect your dopaminergic neurons.
Common Symptoms
Bradykinesia (slow movements), rigidity, tremors, a gait (form of walking regarding posture and movements), speech impediments, and intellectual/spatial ability decrease.
Rare Symptoms
No rare symptoms have been identified - without Dopamine production, many body functions fail as the disease progresses.
Traditional Treatment
Levodopa (body converts this to Dopamine), Segeline (which makes Dopamine have a longer lasting effect), anticholinergic medications (to decrease the intensity of tremors), Carbidopa, Pramipexole, Ropinirole, Bromocriptine Exelon (to reduce dementia), physical therapy, and many more.
Alternative Treatment
Trihexyphenidyl (for tremors), antihistamines like Diphenhydramine, Amantadine, as well as antiviral agents. Many natural treatments, including plant extracts to increase focus and memory, are used.
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Research and Development
Most treatments used to treat Parkinson's disease are to decrease symptoms, not to fix the underlying problem. Stem cell research seems to be the most promising in this area. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is studying the use of developed cells from the patient, reverting them back to all-potent "stem cells", and then forcing the stem cell to turn into a dopamine producing neur View more...
Parkinson's Disease Treatments
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110 Drugs
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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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