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Sjogren's Syndrome / Dry Mouth treatment

Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune medical condition that persists over extended periods of time over years or throughout a person’s life, making it a chronic illness. It is characterized by dry mouth and dry eyes. This condition generally affects the functioning of the sebaceous glands, lachrymal, sweat, and salivary glands, causing dry eyes and mouth. This in turn affects dental hygiene and cau View more...
Sjogren’s syndrome is of unknown etiology or cause; however, there is increasing evidence suggesting that it is caused by hereditary or genetic factors. People belonging to families with autoimmune disorders seem to be at a higher risk of suffering from this condition and close to 90% of patients suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome are women.
Avoid drafts from air conditioners, heaters and radiators when possible; avoid spicy food, which can lead to mouth irritation; curb smoking; maintaining dental hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth post eating is extremely important; and drink plenty of fluids, especially water throughout the day.
Common Symptoms
Conjunctivitis; corneal abrasions; dry eyes; eye irritation; reduction in the production of tears; dryness of the mouth; dysphagia or difficulty swallowing; gingivitis or infection of the gums; infection of parotid gland located in the cheeks; stones in the saliva; periodontal infections; and tooth decay.
Rare Symptoms
Lung infections; vaginal infections; enlargement of the lymph node; vasculitis or inflammation of the blood capillaries; and there are various conditions associated with Sjogren’s syndrome include, arthritis; thyroiditis; GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease; primary biliary cirrhosis, and lymphoma is a very small percentage of patients.
Traditional Treatment
While there is no particular cure or treatment for Sjogren’s syndrome, individual conditions and/or symptoms are treated using various treatment modalities, which include: Cyclosporine eyedrops or Restasis for eye infections; salivary tonics like pilocarpine or Salagen and cevimeline or Evoxac for dry mouth; over-the-counter mouthwash liquids like Biotene for dry mouth; Hydroxychloroquine or Plaqu View more...
Alternative Treatment
Saltwater nasal sprays can treat dryness of the nasal passages. Use of vaginal lubricants can be used prior to sexual intercourse; Moisturizers can help provide relief from scaly and dry skin. Humidifiers installed at homes and office set up can alleviate moisture levels, thereby preventing dry skin; Sugarless candy or gum can help saliva production. Artificial-saliva preparations can also be used View more...
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