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Hepatitis C treatment

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that leads to swelling of the liver.
Primarily caused by the Hepatitis C virus. (HCV) Hepatitis C is spread by blood to blood contact, associated with intraveous drug use, poorly sterilized medical equipment, and transfusions.
No vaccine to prevent HCV. Though, one should not use illicit drugs, don't share needles, be cautious about piercings & tattoo's, have sterile needles, Practice safe sex, don't engage in unprotected sex with multiple people or people with low health.
Common Symptoms
Many people do not have symptoms. When one has common symptoms, some include: Mild fever, Headache, Muscle-aches, fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
Rare Symptoms
Dark colored urine, clay-colored stools, abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin, jaundice, itching
Traditional Treatment
Interferon, Peg-interon, Alpha Interferon, Regimen, Copegus, Ribaspere, Gotukola
Alternative Treatment
Unfortunately, no alternative medicine therapies have been have been significantly proven to cure Hepatitis C. However, some turn to herbs for relief. Silybum Marianum, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Panax Quinquefolius, Panax Ginseng, Zingiber Officinale, Hypericum Perforatum
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Research and Development
Inhibitors that decrease the size of fat droplets in liver cells & stops HCV from taking residence. Cell-permeable perptide that inhibits Hepatitis C and blocks viral replication, ways to produce liver-like cells from stem cells,
Hepatitis C Treatments
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Famous People with Drug Addiction

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has struggled with depression for years, and despite taking anti-depressants tried to commit suicide in 2007.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of 20th century pop culture's most important figures. He suffered from drug addiction and insomnia.


Drew Barrymore

Actress, film producer, and director Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood. She now suffers from severe insomnia and anxiety attacks.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.



The highest grossing rapper in the world has a history of insomnia and drug dependence. He checked himself into rehabilitation to help deal with his condition.


Elton John

Elton John has had several health conditions over the years, including drug addictions, eating disorders, and recently swine flu.


Brittany Murphy

Thirty-two year old actress dies from cardiac arrest. She had type 2 diabetes and a thyroid condition, and it has been rumored that she also had a drug problem.

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