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Gliomas treatment

A type of tumor originating in the brain or spine, most commonly the brain. Gliomas originate from glial cells, which are non-neural cells which support and nourish neural cells. There are two main types, low grade and high grade gliomas. There are no benign gliomas; even low-grade gliomas carry a typically grim prognosis. The difference is that high-grade gliomas are anaplastic, meaning they View more...
Their exact causes are not known. Hereditary disorders are believed to increase the risk of gliomas, but the conditions which give rise to gliomas are unknown. Risk increases with age, peaking at 75-84, and gliomas are slightly more likely to develop in men and Caucasians.
The causes of gliomas are unknown, so there are no known ways to prevent gliomas. Risk heightens with age and are slightly more prevalent in males, but cases have also been seen in children, although most cases in children have been low-grade.
Common Symptoms
Symptoms of gliomas are similar to other brain tumors. Some symptoms include headaches, seizures, loss of muscle control, cognitive decline, and personality changes, but symptoms radically vary depending on the brain area affected. Symptoms may worsen as time progresses; the tumor swells, increasing intercranial pressure, slowly shutting down or inhibiting various brain parts and corresponding f View more...
Rare Symptoms
Symptoms vary depending upon the region of the brain affected, so symptoms vary widely. Loss of any brain function is possible if the glioma grows in the region responsible for the function
Traditional Treatment
Treatment type depends on the location of the glioma, but gliomas are often treated with a combination of surgery/ tumor removal, radiation, and chemotherapy. Treatments are often those used for other brain tumors.
Alternative Treatment
Anti-angiogenesis, creation of new blood vessels and attacking the glioma cells by cutting off their blood flow. Clinical trials are also used to test the efficacy of newly proposed treatments.
Treatment Comparison
Research and Development
Anti-angiogenesis has shown promise, and further study in this method is currently underway. Cannabinoids have long been thought as anticancer cells in general, but they have not been directed at gliomas with any documented successes. Temozolomide is a carcinogenic alkylating agents used to treat cancer cells by attaching an alkyl group to DNA.
Gliomas Treatments
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