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Skin Rash treatment

A skin rash can be defined as a structural change in the appearance and texture of the skin, alterations may include change in color; roughness; itchy; burning; dry; blistered; warm, and painful. Inflammation of skin characterized by redness, warmth, itching or burning sensation and/or pain; is referred to as skin rash. It might be localized to one area or multiple locations depending upon the typ View more...
Allergies, for example to food, dye, medication, insect bites, metals like zinc or nickel when worn as ear rings, finger rings etc., and these rashes are referred to as hives;
Autoimmune diseases like psoriasis;
Friction due to chafing of skin;
Metal poisoning like lead poisoning;
Microbial infection like bacterial or viral like chickenpox, smallpox, and measles;
S View more...
Dress in cotton clothes, especially during summer; to avoid heat rash;
Avoid sun burn and try and stay indoors during mid-morning and afternoon;
Keep skin clean and hygienic;
Avoid using soap or cosmetics that are chemical based;
Shower after being out in the sun or after exercising;
Drink plenty of liquids; water; and keep yourself well hydrated irrespective of what season of the year it is; View more...
Common Symptoms
Depending upon the nature of the rash and associated condition some skin rash symptoms include:
Scaly skin that is red in color; mild-to-moderate itching and/or burning;
Several small patches of rash all over the body or in a localized area;
Painful red bump or a group of painful red-colored bumps.
Rare Symptoms
In chicken pox, the skin rashes appear as multiple blisters accompanied with fever; cough; aches; fatigue; and itchy/sore throat.
In melanoma, there may appear dark bumps that occur inside a mole or blemish, or, from a localized area in the skin that has changed in color, size, shape or is painful or itchy;
In scabies, there are bite-like spots that are itchy and spread quickly.
Traditional Treatment
Antihistamines with decongestants-oral;
Astemizole-oral, Hismanal;
Benzocaine topical spray, Endocaine, Hurricaine;
Betamethasone dipropionate, Diprosone, Diprolene;
Clemastine-oral, Tavist;
Dexamethasone-injectable, Adrenocot, Decadron phosphate, Decaject-10, Solurex
Diphenhydramine-oral, Benadryl, Genahist, Sominex, Uni-hist;
Halobetasol-topical, Ultravate;
Hydr View more...
Alternative Treatment
Herbal remedies:
Ayurvedic Medicine – Ayuderme;
Aloe Vera gel;
Calendula Essential Oil;
Chamomile Essential Oil;
Jewelweed, use crushed leaves;
St Johns Wort;
Witch Hazel, use bark by boiling in water, straining and apply affected area;
Wild Pansy, use flowers.
Homeopathic options include:
Anacardium orientale;
Ledum palustre;
Natrum muriaticum View more...
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