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Insomnia & Sleeping Disorder treatment

Insomnia can be defined as a condition where one is unable sleep well enough at night. He or she finds it extremely difficult to fall asleep and continue to sleep long enough every night for days and months on end. Even if they manage to fall asleep they wake up early or in the middle of the night and are unable to go fall asleep again, resulting in staying awake for long hours night after night. View more...
There are several different things that contribute to insomnia, some of the common causes of insomnia include anxiety, depression, physical ailments, stress both personal and/or professional, lighting, uncomfortable beds, fear, extensive travel across different time zones, work pressure, new born infant at home, trying to sleep in a noisy environment etc. In addition to this, there are several oth View more...
Depending upon what condition is causing insomnia the following preventive methods can be adopted to help prevent insomnia:
For people suffering from jet-lag related insomnia the following are beneficial:
Behavioral and short-term drug therapy;
For international travelers suffering from jet lag and related insomnia it will help to try and regulate sleep-wake patterns prior to flying and/or duri View more...
Common Symptoms
Some of the common symptoms of insomnia include:
Difficulty falling asleep; waking up frequently at nights; poor quality sleep where the person feels not fully rested; and day-time symptoms of insomnia include; inability to concentrate or focus on any task; poor memory; lack of motor coordination; high levels of irritability; impaired social interaction; and inability to drive due to fatigue.
Rare Symptoms
Traditional Treatment
The primary method of treating insomnia is always based on determining main focus of treatment for insomnia should be directed towards finding the cause. Once the cause has been established; it is essential to treat the primary condition and once the primary condition has been managed, insomnia can be treated easily. When insomnia is part of psychological disorder it is normally treated via conjun View more...
Alternative Treatment
Alternative treatment for insomnia could range from diet and exercise to mental conditioning and lifestyle changes. Some forms of alternative treatment for insomnia include acupuncture; guided imagery; yoga; hypnosis; biofeedback; aromatherapy; relaxation; herbal remedies; massage therapy and many others.
Herbal remedies include valerian root or root of valerian (Valeriana officinalis); chamomile View more...
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Famous People with Insomnia & Sleeping Disorder

Michael Jackson

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of the anesthetic propofol, or Diprivan, which he used to relieve his chronic insomnia.


Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger suffered from insomnia and sometimes slept less than two hours a night.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of 20th century pop culture's most important figures. He suffered from drug addiction and insomnia.


Drew Barrymore

Actress, film producer, and director Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood. She now suffers from severe insomnia and anxiety attacks.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.



The highest grossing rapper in the world has a history of insomnia and drug dependence. He checked himself into rehabilitation to help deal with his condition.

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