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Muscle Sprains & Strains treatment

Sprains occur when excessive force is applied on a ligament which ultimately result in it being torn or stretched. Strains occur when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. This can happen if a muscles is stretched while contracting (which pulls on the tendon).
Sprains occur by stretching or tearing a ligament. The most frequent sprain is that of the ankle which can occur in unexpected falls and physical activities. Strains are caused when a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn.
Workout safely, wear properly fitted shoes (as well as replace shoes when needed), make sure to stretch and warm up before performing a physical activity/exercise.
Common Symptoms
Often symptoms include pain, however, this may be a delayed reaction in some cases (i.e. pain due to over-extention of a muscle from a repetitive event may not occur for some time). Sprain and strain injuries, are usually always accompanied by swelling.
Rare Symptoms
Occasionally people feel a sort of tearing or popping when the injury takes place.
Traditional Treatment
Mild sprains and strains are often treated at home with rest, compressions, ice, and elevation. May purchase an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory to reduce possible swelling as well as an over-the-counter pain reliever.
Alternative Treatment
More severe sprains or strains may require surgery to be performed in order to restore the torn ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Sometimes a brace/splint is applied for more serious injuries.
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Muscle Sprains & Strains Treatments
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117 Drugs
24 Supplements
Advil Caplets
Advil Children's Flavored
Goody's Body Pain Powders
Mestinon Syrup
Goody's Extra Strength Headache Powders
Bayer Aspirin Caplets
Orphenadrine Citrate
Excedrin Migraine Caplets
Excedrin Migraine Geltabs
Excedrin Migraine Tablets
Advil Liqui-Gels
Advil Migraine
Advil Tablets
Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
Alka-Seltzer Extra Strength Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
Alka-Seltzer Flavored Effervescent Pain Reliever and Antacid
Ascriptin Enteric Regular Strength
Motrin IB Tablets
Motrin Migraine Pain Caplets
Children's Ibuprofin
Motrin Caplets
Motrin Children's
Motrin IB Caplets
Advil Children's
Adprin B Tri-Buffered Caplets
Advil Junior Strength Chewable Tablets
Ascriptin Enteric Adult Low Strength
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