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Allergies treatment

Allergies can be defined as certain abnormal or deviant reactions to regular or ordinary harmless substances. The substances that cause allergies are referred to as allergens and could be inhaled, ingested, or touched. Some examples for allergens include pollen, mold spores, dust mites, animal danders, food, insect bites, plants, insect spores, viruses, bacteria, medications and environmental situ View more...
While the basic and fundamental cause for allergies is unknown, it found to be genetic or hereditary in nature. People inherit allergies through their parents or forefathers; however, there are allergies are not always hereditary in nature and could be caused due to various external factors including substances in the environment, food, clothes, medicines etc. Some of the most common allergies are View more...
Wearing a mask to prevent inhaling pollen while cleaning the house or moving the grass etc
Remaining indoors during the morning hours especially on windy days to prevent exposure to pollen;
Ensuring one does not eat or ingest food containing allergens;
Keeping all windows and vents closed during the season of pollination;
Turning on the air conditioner at home and in the car;
Do not keep any View more...
Common Symptoms
There are various types of allergies and/or allergic reactions and based on the type of allergy the symptoms also vary. Various types of allergies include allergic rhinitis; asthma; eczema; contact dermatitis; and urticaria.
Some of the common symptoms of allergic rhinitis are:
Sneezing; runny/stuffy nose; watery/itchy eyes; coughing; sore throat; sinusitis;
Common symptoms of asthma include: View more...
Rare Symptoms
Rare Symptoms for allergic rhinitis:
"Allergic salute" marked by persistent upward rubbing of the nose which results in a crease mark on the nose; conjunctivitis marked by red and swollen eyes and crusting of the upper and lower eyelids.
Rare symptoms of eczema/contact dermatitis/ and urticaria include:
Anaphylactic shock which is a medical emergency marked by sudden systemic allergic reaction View more...
Traditional Treatment
Depending upon the type of allergy the treatment also varies. Broadly speaking conventional treatment for allergies can be classified into three main categories which include avoiding the allergen; pharmacological approach through various medications which provides relief from various signs and symptoms; and allergy shots.
Alternative Treatment
Herbal remedies include treatment using extracts, tinctures, salves, and/or capsules of Burdock Root, Dandelion, and Echinacea.
Green tea and drinks are rich sources of antioxidants and various other nutrients, which work towards detoxifying the human body and detoxification helps combat allergy symptoms by flushing out toxins that accumulate in the body. Green drinks are prepared using spirulina View more...
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