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Respiratory Tract Infection treatment

Infections occuring in either the upper respiratory tract or the lower respiratory tract. (IE: common cold, peumonia)
Infections to the respirartory tract generally originate from toxins released by viruses, which ultimatelty initiate an inflammatory response and cause your common symptoms.
Strengthening of the immune system through breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle prevents initial infection. While cleanliness in areas of convocation and vaccination are other preventative measures.
Common Symptoms
Common symptoms of respiratory tract infection center around complications in the nasal and larynx pathways and last from a few days to weeks. Some of which are nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and cough, and often resulting in difficulty breathing.
Rare Symptoms
Young children may experience fever, while others may exhibit conjuctivitis, headaches, nausea, or poor breath due to infection.
Traditional Treatment
Different classes of medications are given to relieve specific symptoms: Steroids and decongestants serve to open the pathways. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammtory drugs relieve painful body aches and fever. Cough medications and antibiotics are also issued.
Alternative Treatment
Honey, plentiful amounts of liquids, moiste air, vitamin C and Zinc consumption.
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Research and Development
Vitamin A, Chickweed taken orally, new antibiotics (developed due to evolution of resistance), new vaccines.
Respiratory Tract Infection Treatments
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