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Mcardle's Disease treatment

According to research studies, 1 in one hundred thousand people suffer from this very rare disease of the muscles called McArdle’s disease. This disease occurs when the muscles are unable to metabolize energy thereby leading to general fatigue and breakdown during physical exertion such as – while jogging, walking or swimming. Such breakdowns during physical exercises typically lead to severe cr View more...
This disease is also known as myophosphorylase deficiency or Type V glycogen storage deficiency due to the fact that this disorder occurs when the skeletal muscle cells are inefficient and cannot break down glycogen to glucose. This results in blocked metabolic pathways leading to large deposits of glycogen which accumulates in the cells of the muscles.
This disease is caused by a non-functioni View more...
The prevention tips are as follows:
• Since the disease is genetically inherited, there isn’t much that can be done in preventing its onset; however a patient can actively take steps to ensure that the disease does not incapacitate the patient and can develop a set of coping mechanisms that helps them avoid the physical and emotional discomfort associated with the disease.
• The condition cal View more...
Common Symptoms
The symptoms of this disorder are as follows:
• There is general fatigue and inability to maintain physical exertion such as jogging, walking up inclines, swimming etc.
Rare Symptoms
• The general muscle fatigue is also accompanied by cramps or muscle contractions called rhabdomyolysis that will require medical intervention for relief.
• Urine color turns dark in patients suffering from rhabdomyolysis since this disorder causes the muscle proteins such as creatinine kinase and myoglobin to mix with the blood circulation where it later passes on into urine, hence the dark co View more...
Traditional Treatment
• At present there is no common consensus on what is the best known treatment for McArdle’s disease.
• There is considerable debate amongst physicians that ingesting high sugar beverages prior to exercise helps people deal better with physical activities. This is not proven by clinical studies.
• However, there have been some proven studies that reveal that a diligent adherence to carefully View more...
Alternative Treatment
Another method of treatment that is still in the testing phase is a regimen of aerobic exercise in order to condition those with the disease to exercise.
Treatment Comparison
Research and Development
Researchers are currently working on an enzyme replacement treatment. This is a general research treatment for glycogen storage diseases, but this would also apply to Mcardle's disease.
Mcardle's Disease Treatments
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