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Incontinence treatment

Urine that seeps out involuntarily.
There are many situations that can cause urinary incontinence. It can occur at any age, including children that wet the bed and the elderly. Stress can be a factor, stroke, some cancers, nerve damage, side effects from medications, Parkinson's Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.
Urinary incontinence is most often unavoidable, however one can prepare for it by wearing pads or incontinence briefs.
Common Symptoms
The most common symptom is the urgency and frequent urination. This occurs even when the bladder is not completely full. Sometimes an individual has a urinary tract infection, which exacerbates the situation.
Traditional Treatment
Oxybutynin (also known as Ditropan), Tolterodine (also known as Detrol), Darifenacin (also known as Enablex), Solifenacin (also known as Vesicare), Trospium (aslo known as Sanctura), and Festoterodine (also known as Loviaz).
Alternative Treatment
Biofeedback helps patients through psychotherapy by training the individual to gain control over his/her incontinence. Acupuncture is also used for individuals suffering from incontinence. Also, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by doing exercise has also been known to help.
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Research and Development
One organization conducting research is on Urinary Incontinence is the National Institute of Health.
Incontinence Treatments
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