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Diabetes Type 1 treatment

Type 1 Diabetes is a form of diabetes usually found in children or young adults under the age of 25 years. This type of diabetes is distinguished by the body's own destruction of insulin-production of beta cells in the pancreas. This lack of insulin increases glucose in the blood where it could lead to complication, if not treated fast enough, it could lead to death.
The causes of type 1 diabetes is the destruction of beta cells that produce insulin. This causes high levels of glucose in the blood. It could cause an myriad of complications.
Common symptoms of a person with type one diabetes include (polyuria) frequent urination, (polydipsia) excessive thirst, (polyphagia) excessive eating, weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, weakness, vision changes, frequent skin infections, and vaginal discomfort.
Common Symptoms
Loss of leg hair, spontaneous abortions, congenital malfunctions, Diabetes debuting with hypoglycemia. Interactions between medications which may cause an adverse effect on glucose, hence proving false glucose readings which may be mistaken of maltreatment from of insulin intake.
Traditional Treatment
Insulin-injected in the fat, exercise, diabetic diet, and extensive treatment of infections. Interactions between medications which may cause an adverse effect on glucose may cause false glucose readings. In turn, these may be mistaken of maltreatment from insulin and mistaken for symptoms of different drugs.
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Research and Development
MGH-Cure of end-stage diabetes in mice, a "bad" or damaged T cell-evidence that this T cell defect found in diabetic mice is physiologically identical to that found in diabetic humans. Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) showed that intensive glucose control dramatically delays or prevents the eye, nerve, and kidney complications of type 1 diabetes. They also found that tight glucose View more...
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