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Circulation treatment

Circulation is the continuous movement of blood throughout the body. Circulation allows for the movement of oxygen to organs and removal of waste products from organs.
Bad circulation can be caused from a multitude of situations: blood clots, peripheral artery disease (when fatty cholesterol deposits develop on artery walls), or peripheral vascular disease (when blood vessels near the brain or heart narrow, restricting flow).
Exercising regularly and having a balanced diet will prevent poor circulation. Also, if diabetic maintaining good blood glucose levels will limit poor circulation. Also stop smoking and try to move for five minutes for every thirty you are sitting.
Common Symptoms
Some common symptoms include leg muscle cramps, cold extremities, and slow healing infections. All of the symptoms do not need to present for one to have poor circulation.
Rare Symptoms
Some rare symptoms include cyanotic skin, altered mental status (feelings of dizziness), and varicose veins.
Traditional Treatment
Surgical options: angioplasty to open up the narrow veins or stent implants. Sclerotherapy injections, Anticoagulants, and compression stockings.
Alternative Treatment
Some say taking showers alternating the water temperature will help improve circulation. Also eating products with ginger, ginko, garlic, and cayenne can help to improve it. Also having acupuncture can help.
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