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Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that typically affects an individual after the age of 30. It is sub-catagorized into four subtypes to include the range of symptoms that are charecteristic of the disease (though generally an individual afflicted with rosacea may exhibit symptoms belonging to more than one subtypes). These include subtype 1 (erythematotelangiectatic), subtype 2 (pa View more...
While the cause is currently unknown, it is generally understood that an individual is more like to be affected if 1) he/she is light skined, 2) blushes easily 3) is a woman (although men afflicted with this condition typically exhibit more severe symptoms), and 4) he/she is between the ages of 30-50. Certain heredity (currently unknown), and/or a combination of environmental factors may work in c View more...
Minimizing the intake of hot food and drinks, spicy foods, and alcohol may help reduce the risk of flare ups. Also, avoiding extreme temperatures, stress, anger, embarrassment, sunlight, strenuous activity, corticosteroids, and drugs that dilate blood vessels will help in controlling the condition.
Common Symptoms
Primary symptoms include the following signs: 1) flushing, 2) redness, 3) bumps and pimples that may sting and burn, and 4) visible blood vessels on affected part. Secondary symptoms include the following signs: 1) eye irritation, 2) noticeably dry skin, 3) development of red patches called plagues, 4) thickening of skin also known as rhinophyma, 5) facial swelling and 6) similar symptoms seen on View more...
Rare Symptoms
In rare instances, sabaceous or oil glands around the nose may enlarge and give rise to a condition known as rhinophyma. This is characterized by a bulbous appearance of the nose.
Traditional Treatment
Microdermabrasion proceeding surgical procedures to correct rhinophyma is often performed. Other treatments include the following: cryosurgery, radiofrequency ablation, electrosurgery in conjuction with scissor sculpturing and skin grafting. To minimize ocular symptoms eye lash cleansing and ophthalmic treatments are recommended. Antibiotics may be prescribed orally, or to be used topically on aff View more...
Alternative Treatment
Although the following treatments provide no conclusive evidence, they have been used and/or suggested to alleviate certain symptoms of the disease. These include colloidal silver, emu oil, laurelwood, oregano oil and vitamin K.
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Research and Development
Although there is very little known about rosacea, research has identified some cellular mechanistic pathways and biological molecules and growth factors that may trigger some of the classic symptoms of this disease. These include identification of growth factors, inflammatory pathways, and diagnostic tests for ocular rosacea.
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