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Lupus treatment

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune diease that can affect any part of the body. At least 1.5 million Americans suffer from lupus, and some 5 million people throughout the world have a form of lupus.
Lupus is not believed to be hereditary, but it can be found in people with family history if lupus or other autoimmune diseases. Lupus can be caused by UV rays of the sun or sulfa drugs.
Currently there are no known preventatives, but avoiding tobacco products may decrease your chance of acquiring the disease.
Common Symptoms
Symptoms include extreme fatigue, swollen joints, joint pain, fever, headache, anemia, swelling of extremities and/or around eyes, pain during deep breaths, rash across cheeks and nose, sensitivity to sunlight and light, hair loss, blood clotting, and discoloration of fingers and toes when cold.
Rare Symptoms
Increased saliva production.
Traditional Treatment
There is no specific treatment regime for Lupus; treatments vary from person to person. Treatments include corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory medications, diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, anticonvulsants, and antibotics.
Alternative Treatment
Homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathy, and herbal medicine.
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Lupus Treatments
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122 Drugs
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Famous People with Lupus

Michael Jackson

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of the anesthetic propofol, or Diprivan, which he used to relieve his chronic insomnia.



Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Seal is physically striking—but those scars come from discoid lupus, not from tribal rituals as is rumored.

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