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Benadryl Allergy

User Ratings
Out of 10
7.4  Effectiveness
5  Side Effects
6  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 4 Benadryl Allergy side effects and 2 Benadryl Allergy benefits.

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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is diphenhydramine and brand names are Aler-Tab, Allergy, Allermax, Altaryl, Benadryl, Children's Allergy, Diphen Cough, Diphenhist, Dytuss, Q-Dryl, Siladryl, Silphen Cough, Simply Sleep, Sleep-ettes, Sominex Maximum Strength Caplet and Theraflu Thin Strips Multi Symptom.

The active ingredient of this medication is diphenhydramine.

This medication is used to treat sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, hives, rashes, itching and other symptoms of allergies and the common cold.
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Charlton Heston

Heston suffered from prostate cancer, pneumonia, and Alzhimer's disease.

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User Comments and videos for Benadryl Allergy
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16 Feb 2014 I took one Benadryl, which made me very sleepy. After about three hours, while walking from the kitchen to the living room, I felt a wave of nausea, then fainted. I was out only a few seconds, and was lucky not to have hurt myself. I have taken Benadryl occasionally in the past and only experienced the drowsiness. I don't think I'll risk fainting again. I am in generally good health, no blood pressure or heart problems, so this was a suprise.
   —Posted by Florida
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24 Oct 2012 This medication is horrible. It makes me very drowsy and does not relieve my symptoms.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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16 Apr 2012 Benadryl allergy work very well
   —Posted by Anonymous
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29 Nov 2011 Benadryll Allergy really helped in clearing my sinuses and relieving my nasal pressure.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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10 Nov 2011 I like benadryl but sometimes it puts me too sleep way too much so I can't take it for the day. Sometimes it even makes me feel drunk
   —Posted by Anonymous
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