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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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15 Sep 2020 using carbilev for 2 years, lost use of right hand to wright letters, hand shakes to much during day time, at night gives little problems, writing gets smaller speech more difficult, walking slowing down, was hopeful that Carbilev would slow down shaking of hand and give me more control in writing, taking 1 tablets every 8 hrs, also creates urinating problems does anyone knows of Sinemet works better, also checked on Symadyne ! wishful thinking that it will get better but I suppose all of this kind of drugs are sort of the same
   —Posted by The Boss
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14 Oct 2016 I have lost weight. At times it takes longer to start working and find it works better in the morning than in the afternoon and evenings. I have no appetite and taste. My blood pressure dropped and low at times 78/55
   —Posted by Namibia
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15 May 2016 Carbilev has been a lifesaver for me am 95% normal since I have been using it
   —Posted by Corinne
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18 Aug 2015 Using Carbilev for many years has improved my quality of life but I needed Sinemet 200mg at night so that I could function if I got up during the night. Was on Pexola for several years then did not do so well and came off and started Stelivo. Stelivo was used with Carbilev for about 6 months. Initially it was wonderful then had a lot of weight loss, panic attacks and feeling very cold and exhausted. Came off very slowly. For a year on Carbilev 5 X 25/100 a day and Sinemet 200mg at night time. Last month no Carbilev available and replaced the day time dose with Sinemet. I am not doing well at all. Weak, confused, drowsy, muscle weakness, bladder problems, speech problems etc.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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17 Jun 2014 helped with movement
   —Posted by Anonymous
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