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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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08 Feb 2019 Clozapine is very dangerous, and needs close monitoring. My son (16 years old) was on it and the doctors at Greater Glasgow and Clyde Mental Health unit failed to monitor his bloods as protocol. They red alert went unobserved and 5 days after the alert the Doctor withdrew him altogether from Clozapine. He should signs 10 before with an Amber alert and they were suppose to monitor his blood twice weekly which did not happen. Anyway Christmas and New Year bank holidays were more important to his circle of medical care. He ended up doing really well on Clozapine until neutrophil levels were a concern and they withdrew administrating the medication 5 days after the alert causing him to go into supersensitivity Psychosis and was the most dreadful effects I have ever seen, He was catatonic at one stage, could not toilet himself, unaware of his surroundings, bizarre behavior. It is now 5 weeks from this happening and they still have not been able to stabilize him and immediately starting titrating him on Amisulphride (no real effects) and giving him Olanzapine when required. My advice to everybody would be to be more aware of doctors and how they actually do monitor patients. Looking at the bigger picture of the circle of care involved in your care as an inpatient on Clozapine ie the Pharmacist, Patient Monitoring System (Pharma Company). Consultants, Inpatient Charge Nurses and Hospital Laboratory all involved in the administration and monitoring of patients all failed to monitor my son and his Blood Alert. - You might be told your in save hands - MAKE SURE YOU ARE! and investigate how they are monitoring and looking after your blood results - SHOCKING! but true personal story.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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18 Mar 2018 I am a 35 year old male and suffer from schizophrenia. Clozapine has been able to help me significantly. I have not had any major problems with it impacting my white blood cell count. The only down side is that the drug has left me with some urinary incontinence and as a result I wear a diaper or a mens incontinent brief from time to time.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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17 May 2011 Clozapine was prescribed after 3 other atypical meds failed to perform. I must state that the previous medication were not give amble time to determine their effectness. When I asked the doctor why did he not wait before he prescribed clozapine he shouted at me DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE WELL OR NOT. His aggorance was unprofessional. In fact when he released her from the hospital I had no idea she needed blood test. His main goal was to get her out as soon as possible. To this day I think other meds could have served the same purpose if they would have treated her for a longer period of time. This has been a nightmare for both my wife and myself and by the grace of God and being married over 50 years has enable us to battle this disease.
   —Posted by mcmurphy
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29 Oct 2010 Have leg pain and now have parkinson symptoms such as shuffling legs, slope back and unsteadiness. Need walker to get around and have shortness of breath. Thus I cant walk very far {10yards b4 I need to stop to catch my breath.
   —Posted by mcmurphy
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07 Aug 2010 Clozerpine was great for symptoms mentally but hell on the blood and the constant blood work is a nightmare let alone inconveince to going on vacation or doing anything in normal life.Its out of the question.To tired and not alert enough to work or other chores and I found weakened strength. Drooling is embarrassing and I cant help it .The inconveince of pharmacy carriers and doctors with guts and knowledge enough to monitor it is the worse side effect of all! Its a wrestle with the government to get the care u need!You cant have chocolate or caffeine or it drops the heart rate enough to crash your heart SELF TESTED!So u cant enjoy food either. Which is better life or death but either way life is hell for my son Steven.We are now at the point of his blood levels is so low we have had to take him off it and WE tell you its DANGEROUS!!! If you can control at all with risperadone DO IT! thIS DRUG SHOULD BE YOUR ABSOLUTE FINAL CHOICE! STEVEN STARTED TREATMENT AT 15 NOW 22 AND LOOKING WEAKER DAILY! iT ATE HIS RED AND WHITE BLOOD CELLS UP ALONG WITH HEMOGLOBIN AND NUTRAFILS!HE HAS TOLD ME HIS MOM HE REFUSES TO EVER GO BACK ON IT IF IT MEANS EARLY DEATH LET HIM DO IT IN AS MUCH PEACE AS HE CAN HAVE AND ENJOY WHAT HE CAN BECAUSE HE KNOWS ITS NOT GONNA BE LONG IF THIS KEEPS UP.THINK VERY HARD BEFORE YOU ALLOW IT GIVEN!
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10 May 2011 In 3 years our son has only had Risperidone. We knew nothing about the illness and unfortunately this med has not helped greatly. He is on B3, B6, B9, Vit C, Vit E, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3 etc as per Hoffer's Orthomolecular programme and he is getting better slowly. I also give him Seagreens. I have also just started him on Holy Basil, (omnicrom sanctum), which is an antioxidant with many other properties. Have just read about crushing 2 cardamom pods to make a tea with honey and using Borage flowers and young leaves to make teas to help, (not sure what is in the cardamom but Borage is antioxidant - I did read not to use that long term though). He loves Green Tea with honey and some juice - antioxidant and also Pukka Herbs Tulsi Tea. again with honey. There are other programs like Eck's hair testing in US and Dr Wilson who then does a tailor made vitamin/mineral/amino acid plan and diet. I have also just ordered a book about cerebral allergies from Amazon - wheat/dairy & gluten have been cut from our son's diet recently after I noticed a correllation with severity of symptoms. There is a lot of info but hard to find unless you have some pointers - hope this is of help to you Angela & Steven and anyone else who reads it. I have no faith in the Psychiatrist and nurse - I know they are just following guidelines but they dismiss my ideas as bunkum and have such narrow minds, I wonder if it would be the same if their child was affected?
   —Posted by Fluffy 1
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