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03 Jul 2014 Pure Hell. Do not take under any circumstance unless you want to be in constant excruciating pain, with continuous bleeding and lots of hair loss
   —Posted by Anonymous
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31 Jul 2012 I had 2 shots of depo to help with my severe PMS. Whilst I was on it, I didn't notice a huge difference but when I decided to stop taking it, I never had a period for 11 months. I put some weight on whilst having the shots but put on even more weight after coming off it, gaining 2 stone in total. I am 43 and have always weighed 8 stone and have also been lucky in being able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight. My metabolism seems to have changed and 18months after stopping the depo and I haven't lost a pound of the extra weight. I have CFS and the depo seemed to add to the fatigue and muscle ache as well as giving me unbearable hot flushes. On the plus side, whilst not having any periods, my anxiety levels were much better and also insomnia much improved and my gum disease seemed to subside and my dentist noticed great improvement with my gums. Now that my periods are back to normal, all these issues are back with a vengeance and I have just started the mini-pill on the advise of my dentist but it is too early to tell if it is helping in the same way as the depo.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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05 Jul 2012 I was on it for about 4 years got off it once in between to cycle and got back on, had no side effects, and when i wanted to get pregnant again, i was due in august for my shot but did not get that shot, had a period in sep and i was pregnant by Christmas and due in this following august.. so it took me like 2 months to get pregnant after the shot. but then i had a miss carriage at 15 weeks but did not find out till my dr app at 18 weeks in march and had a D & C . could my miss carriage have something to do with getting pregnant to soon off the shot?
   —Posted by Anonymous
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14 Jun 2012 The only good thing about this was I didn't get pregnant. I got really dry during intercourse to where it was painful, and got REALLY depressed and moody. I would get on crying spells and not be able to stop. (never been like this, and am not like this anymore since I stopped taking it) (I was fine before I started taking it) I gained about 10lbs in a month, not doing anything different.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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16 Apr 2012 i do not recommend it for anyone it has really bad side effects it's not worth it!!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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