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Flecainide Acetate

User Ratings
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6.4  Effectiveness
5.7  Side Effects
6.1  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 10 Flecainide Acetate side effects and 4 Flecainide Acetate benefits.

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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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29 Mar 2016 Flecainde is working for me today. When I first started taking this drug obtained dry mouth with blisters and always cold, hands are the worse. It took 4 months for my body to adjust, but, dry mouth has improved. I sleep about 7 hrs a day with a nap. In the past only 4 hours. Ry
   —Posted by Grace2
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21 Mar 2016 I have been noticing a definate loss in short term memory, sometimes I get light headed and feel like I am going to pass out but recover within a second
   —Posted by Olaf
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20 Dec 2015 I've had 2 episodes 2 months apart, and then one episode 2 years prior, I've been on flecainde for 2 weeks, I have to assume it will contain my heart beat. I'm currently not on a blood thinner, which concerns me due to an allergic reaction about 8 years ago. Just using aspirin
   —Posted by Grace
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20 Dec 2015 Hi again Grace forgot to say I have had episodes every day until Flecanide , still get a few every so often but i can deal with that , they are not every week and i can get on with my life and sleep better, it may take a week or too to get the dose right but as low as possible , I must add if you are advised to take a Blood thinner please do so maybe speak to your cardiologist about Blood Thinners and your options , you have the problem make sure they know your concerns and your options
   —Posted by Roly
20 Dec 2015 Hi I have been on Flecanide 50mg twice a day , Bisoproplol 5 mg am and warfarin 4mg a day, for over 5 years, did not want to go on either Flecanide or warfarin , but to me both are important , i do have some break through s but was told i can take 360 mg a day if an episode does not stop , or A&E if i feel bad. Flecanide may take a little time to get into your system if you are on a low dose or your dose could be to low but better to start low, Flecanide works for me ,so i think give it a little more time or speak to your GP/Consultant for your dose , i might add flecanide can make you feel grubby at first and for me Headaches but now take it with a thought now, ON Blood Thinners i was on Asprin but my stomach did not appreciate it , a Blood thinner is important , Asprin is basic Warfarin, is better and there are many others , in my opinion do not stop taking your meds unless a GP/Consultant says otherwise , Hope that helps
   —Posted by Roly
20 Dec 2015 Grace, I have been on flecainide for over 4 years. It has stopped my episodes of AF, just had one when I had a nasty virus and I feel that was linked to dehydration as well. If it suits youI'm sure it will help a lot. I do get tired at times, enough to have to sit down for half an hour but I am in my 70's!! There are new anticoagulants now that work differently to warfarin . Are you seeing an EP or a cardiologist about your treatment. You may like to look at the Atrial Fibrillation Association website, it also has a forum and there are loads of experiences and advice on there.
   —Posted by Bagrat
01 Oct 2013 Can't say for sure that the Flecanide is what got the AFIB under control but it is the last change I made. Also take a beta blocker and blood thinner.
   —Posted by Susan
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25 Aug 2013 On Flec as preventative after ablation since episodes can increase and be more severe in the weeks following the surgery. Get dizzy when moving head left and right. Get tired very easily when on this stuff. Seem to breath harder when exercising. Makes me feel lethargic. Maybe some eye focus problems. Can tell it is zonking me out. Can't wait to get off it in a week weeks. No drug is really good for you and best to be off anything like this entirely. If you work out or run or do any exercise, I believe you will feel this drug tamping you down and making you feel tired.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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