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Junel FE

User Ratings
Out of 10
1.6  Effectiveness
6.5  Side Effects
3.9  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 12 Junel FE side effects and 3 Junel FE benefits.

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Treatment Information
Ethinyl estradiol-norethindrone is the generic name of Junel Fe. The active ingredients of this medication are ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone acetate. The inactive ingredients of this medication are Acacia.

It is a prescription birth control pill used primarily to prevent pregnancy.
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05 Apr 2018 Originally was taking Gildess Fe but my insurance changed so I was switched to Junel Fe. Now I have severe anxiety, blurred vision and swelling flat feet at age 24.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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23 Mar 2017 Junel Fe replaced my last birth control generic Gildess Fe and I had not seen my OBGYN prior to taking this it was just switched at my pharmacy out of the blue. I'm over 45 and suffer from migraines which get worse during the sugar pill/cycle days they are unbearable, so it helps to take the pill. I have noticed higher blood pressure, pre-diabetes and other weight gain issues since taking this pill. I had no problems the 10 years I was on Ortho Evra patches. Now I've lost hair and have leg cramps on a weekly basis. Since that time I have experienced poor circulation and I walk regularly only weighing 145 pounds but gained nearly 10 pounds in the last few years.
   —Posted by WantToGetOffNow24
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02 Oct 2016 I used junel fe for 2 months the only symptoms I had was headache but it wasn't that bad so I thought I could handle it. Also my legs felt tired all the time. Later, close to the two month mark of using junel I found out I had hypertension, 140/100 I couldn't believe it since my blood pressures always have been normal. Until starting taking junel. So I stoped taking them and my blood pressure came back to normal 120/80or less. If I hadn't taken my blood pressure I would have never find out. No wonder they call hypertension "the silent killer" It's been a week after I stoped junel and my legs stil feel tired all the time.
   —Posted by Edith
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16 Feb 2016 Anyone had issues after stopping Junel? I was always very regular, but since I stopped almost three months ago, my cycles have been very irregular, and I'm wondering how long it will take to get back on track. I had to stop Junel because it was causing depression and anxiety, but that seems to be a problem for me with any hormonal birth control.
   —Posted by DN
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24 Jan 2016 Experienced mood swings, nausea, constipation, and irregular bleeding. Does not reduce the cramps. However, it does its job in that I have not gotten pregnant.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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