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11 Jan 2014 I took kariva for a number reasons. My doctor told me that it would regulate my periods, prevent the painful cramps I get during my monthly and she said that it would help improve my mild-moderate acne. In the first week of taking this pill I noticed done mild breast tenderness and my acne getting slightly worse. Into the second week I had cystic acne on my face,chest and back. I decided to never take birth control again after taking this medication. I feel there a better options to clear my acne. I not only had a bad breakout but I has terrible mood swings and insecurity. I would not recommend taking this pill. Stay Away!!!!
   —Posted by I will never take bc again!
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04 Jun 2012 I just started kariva and i am always tired. A little excercise does the trick to wake me up. But I feel i have to work hard to not be tired. Idk if its the pill or not but we will see.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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11 Nov 2011 This pill was AMAZING. I was on it for three months, no spotting or breakthrough bleeding even if I forgot my pill, I gained a little weight the first month but it was only about 2 lbs and dropped it my next month. I was underweight so it didn't bother me, I didn't break out, my mood overall improved, no or very little cramps, nothing some midol couldn't fix. Which was why I went on the pill in the first place. My period came the same time every month and I went up about 1 cup size. The only reason I switched was because my mood swings on the placebo week were ridiculous but that's how I was before the pill so I don't think Kariva made me like that. Great pill, I highly recommend it! (:
   —Posted by Jillian Marie
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23 Oct 2011 It doesn't make me violently nauseaus like cyclesa, but I've noticed the last couple of weeks my left eye at night when I'm tired and in the morning is raw, bloodshot, gritty, dry. Now it's starting to happen during the day too..
   —Posted by Anonymous
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17 May 2011 I've just started using kariva and I've had absolutely no side affects. at first I was scared because I had been reading nothing but bad reviews about this birth control. basically you just have to see for yourself. everyones body reacts differently. there is a 50/50 chance for everything. if you feel that kariva may not be the right birth control for you, talk with your GYN for different options. chances are you will be very pleased with kariva, of course it's a little scary starting a birth control, but usually th good outweighs the bad.
   —Posted by marissa19
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