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Famous People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner was told that she might never be able to walk again when she was told she had rheumatoid arthritis.


Lucille Ball

Was Lucille Ball cured forever of rheumatoid arthritis by "horse serum?"


James Coburn

American film actor suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and found relief from alternative therapies.


Dave Prowse

Known for his role as Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, Prowse was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when he was thirteen years old.

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24 Sep 2016 Where to begin, well I feel like crap all the time, memory loss, emotional all the time which I never have been an emotional person in my life, I cry for no reason at all, I want to jump everyone's ass for no reason, more seizures that I don't remember coming on, I hate myself, the memory loss makes me feel stupid, I sleep a lot, agitated all the time, and like right now I cant remember what all I have written so I have to look at what I have typed so that I type it again. unsteady on my feet. The feeling of not wanting to deal with all this and doing something really stupid. I just want to get back to myself and get back to work which my Dr. doesn't think its safe yet until we get all this shit under control. I would not wish this drug on my worst enemy and that is really hard for me to say about my worst enemy so that is saying something on how bad this drug is.
   —Posted by CJ Taylor
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13 Nov 2013 It hasn't stopped the seizures. It's the only thing she isn't allergic to. We have put her on a gluten free diet which is giving her more energy, the headaches and stomach aches have almost gone after 2 weeks.
   —Posted by rjchrist
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29 Mar 2013 Loss of balance to the point of needing a cane and a walker. Constant drowsiness and lack of mental alertness, I am highly intelligent but with Keppra I find sustained mental concentration extremely tiring. I have been put on medical leave because I can't do my job as a computer programmer while taking Keppra. But before Keppra I was having from 100 to 150 violent jerks each night (nocturnal myocolus), so I couldn't get enough sleep to work either. It is better with Keppra because the violent jerking is much less(usually under 20 jerks) than without - but either way I am unable to think clearly enough to do my work and it looks like will have to be on disability. By the way, I take 1 mg of Klonopin too per night, so some of my symptoms may be due to it as well
   —Posted by cashew
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26 Oct 2012 It has affected my moods and I don't think it is working anymore. I'm having tonic clonic seizures once a week and my muscles are really aching now days.
   —Posted by Rach
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27 May 2012 Keppra XR travels through the intestines and the time it spends in the gut and the havoc it causes on the gut has yet to be made public. If in fact it binds to L-glutamine and thus renders it unable to work in the gut....then eventually everyone on Keppra XR will be gluten intolerant or worse end up with a leaky gut. On top of that Keppra is know to cause people to become angry, less patient, and generally bite someone's head off when normally they would not do this. Glutamine, an essential amion acid, is used to make neurotransmitters which keep you feeing calm, focused and in control. So UCB knows without a doubt that Keppra has causes mood changes and to quote them, "• Most common adverse reactions (difference in incidence rate is ≥5%" Also they say<<A total of 13.3% of immediate-release KEPPRA patients experienced other behavioral symptoms (reported as aggression, agitation, anger, anxiety, apathy, depersonalization, depression, emotional lability, hostility, irritability, etc.) compared to 6.2% of placebo patients between KEPPRA XR-treated patients and placebo-treated patients and occurred more frequently in KEPPRA XR-treated patients) include: somnolence and irritability (6.1)."
   —Posted by Truthseeker
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