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22 Mar 2013 Levora has changed my life forever, and not for the good. I ended up getting a pulmonary embolism after taking levora for only 3 months. I was having shortness of breath, and had to get admitted to the hospital. I had to be on blood thinners for 6 months. And it didn't stop there, now I am pregnant and have to take lovenox injections twice daily to prevent another clot from happening. I would not recommend this pill to anyone. It was not worth it. It was very traumatic I would wish it on anyone.
   —Posted by Michele
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19 Feb 2013 Just got diagnosed with cervical dysplasia - main cause is probably from HPV, but it's unclear to me if being on birth control may have made things worse for me. Would like more research on the subject to be honest.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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02 Feb 2013 I don't really have any side effects that are terrible. This is my first month taking Levora. I get a little tired & headaches from it within an hour of consuming it but it doesn't really bother me that much. I am concerned about it not shortening my period. Before I was on the pill I'd get my period for 6 days. My doctor told me I'd only have my period for 3 days max & I've had for 4 days straight. It's not crazy heavy like how I had before the pill, but it's not really showing any signs of slowing down either. Anybody have this problem? Is this breakthrough bleeding? I'm very confused. Thanks!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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22 Oct 2012 I have been taking Levora for over a year now, and it has been, on the whole, a great experience. Initially, I was taking it at noon every day, and was experiencing nausea for the rest of the day. I told a friend who was also on it about this and she advised me to take it in the evening instead. Since then I've been side-effect free, and even have had fewer headaches than before I started this medication. The best advice I could give anyone who's having side-effects is to try taking it in the evening.
   —Posted by RR
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11 Jan 2013 What time in the evening's do you generally take it? I'm starting it today, actually, and I've NEVER responded well to any birth control at all; nausea being one of the pre-dominant side effects and severe mood swings and bleeding. I wish I could just take it 2 hours before betime. And do you prefer taking it after the evening meal? I'm taking mine through, meaning, I don't take the placebos, because I have Endometriosis and an Endometrioma on my left ovary that we are attempting to shrink. Thank You for your help.
   —Posted by Ash
17 Oct 2012 has anyone seen a different in their emotional state? i went off the pill for about two months and now that im back on i feel like im more emotinal when im taking it, and bloat worse than when im off. it might just be because now im keeping better track of when im going to start my period and when i was off i had no idea when i would start. other than those two thing im happy with the pill, no weight gain. my crapms are a lot more managablet oo
   —Posted by Anonymous
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