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Famous People with Reproductive Disorders

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.

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05 Jan 2020 I have felt awful since starting Lymecycline, nauseous, anxious, low, stomach ache, headaches, dizzy and tired
   —Posted by Anonymous
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29 Apr 2018 I took these pills because of acne. During the treatment and afterwards I suffered from severe erectile dysfunction. I would never ever recommend this.
   —Posted by Simon
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24 Jan 2017 I had severe fever within 4 hours of one dose (40C) , ringing in the ear, horrific headache, nausea, painful neck. Went to the doc and she said to go on, it's not the medication. But I didn't listen to her. Two months later, I took the capsule apart and took a small fraction of the capsule content - 5 hours later I had 38C fever. No idea why.
   —Posted by Maja
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11 Oct 2018 perhaps your acne is inflammation, and the antibiotics fed the infection. Try straight celery juice every morning on an empty stomach, and increase your intake of fresh fruit, (smoothies, juices) and vegetables. Add herbs and spices to your cooking and keep the fat content of your diet to 30g per day. This may help.
   —Posted by julie
28 Aug 2016 I was on lymecycline initially for 6 months but didn't wein myself off the tablets slowly so acne came back. Went on them again for a year and after weining myself off slowly towards the end of the course my moderate acne has gone and my complexion looks 100 times better. However, these tablets have irritated my bowel so much that i have had chronic pain for 6 months and lost my appetite. I also had terrible mood swings and depression, becoming withdrawn from work and social situations. Saying that, 2 weeks after stopping the tablets i feel back to my old self.
   —Posted by Jay
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15 Jun 2016 Have been on the medication for a month so far with possible 3-4 month duration to complete course for acne and rosacea. There has been significant improvement in my acne since starting, less pustules, especially the ones which were starting to scar my face and a huge improvement in the dry skin resulting from the spots. The rosacea has not improved greatly so far, the redness is less but still remains, I don't get the 'burning' feeling anymore though that I got when everything would be flaring up.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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