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29 Jun 2015 Nplate is the next to last option for me, I was hesitant on starting it, but didn't really have much choice. I get a shot weekly,and most weeks, it has kept my counts above 50K, only a few times has it dropped below. It even got me in a normal count range 4 times over the past almost 3 yrs. What I don't like is the leg pain, the feeling that my legs are getting an electric shock over and over, I also don't like the bone pain, joint pain and the muscle weakness as I've always been a very active physical type person. Depending upon the dosage, I'm not fit for much of anything at least 2 sometimes 3 days a week. I got the shot today, my counts were 45K. Within a couple of hours, I started with the leg pain and now the electric shock feeling. Think it's going be one of the bad weeks.
   —Posted by Sunshine girl
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07 Nov 2011 Nplates have helped me increase my Platelets, after using Nplate for about 6 months I have severe bone pain. I don't want to keep taking Advil for fear of the pills lowering my platelet count.
   —Posted by Pete
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04 Nov 2011 I always get flu symptoms the day after. I just don't feel like myself anymore, I am so tired and fatigue. More irritable and have mood swings. I don't sleep much at night but sleep a lot during the day. My joints hurt worst and now I really have to use my cane because both legs are in pain. I just want to get off the drug and see how my body feels.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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02 Nov 2011 My platelets range from 21,000-30,000, with NPlate it is up to 87,000, It is now high enough to have a couple of minor surgeries. Being infused with platelets and fresh frozen blood plasma on several ocassions, platelets only rose to 37,000, not enough for surgery,,
   —Posted by Anonymous
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26 Feb 2011 Am just beginning NPlate. My main concern is that this is only a temporary fix, and that I may just be kicking the can down the road instead of biting the bullet and getting the splenectomy while I'm in relatively decent shape yet.
   —Posted by Colgate
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