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Olive Leaf

Main Ingredients:   Olive Leaf (AKA: Olea Europaea)

User Ratings
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7  Effectiveness
0  Side Effects
5.5  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 0 Olive Leaf side effects and 3 Olive Leaf benefits.

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20 Nov 2014 It's good, but at times when my sinitis begins to get worse, I have to take enough Olive Leaf to get a Herxheimer reaction, which isn't pleasant, but clears up my sinuses pretty quickly and then I cut back to get rid of the Herxheimer's. When I first get rid of the Herxheimer's, I feel top of the world at first and then I continue to feel pretty good until my Sinitis starts up again. I believe that I have learned to regulate the dosage better so that the Herxheimer's is milder and shorter lived, plus I am getting better overall so it takes longer for my sinitis to start up again. I try to keep the dosage up in between to just below Herxheimer level. All and all I think that I am getting better. The diarrhea and mild stomach cramps are only during Herxheimer's reaction. I am able to partially counteract the intestinal problems during Herxheimer's by taking a probiotic supplement. In between on the lower dose of Olive Leaf my bowels have never functioned this well for years. As soon as the sinus thing stops coming back I intend to maintain on a lower dose of Olive Leaf for the miracle that it has worked with my digestive system.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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19 Jul 2010 Not comfortable taking this medication as there is so little credible info available, regarding dosage, period, and side effects Other comments as per my astragulas survey. I also take ashwaghanda
   —Posted by Anonymous
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