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Treatment Information
Available under the brand names; Nootropil and Myocalm.

Piracetam is the generic name of the medication and the active ingredients are Piracetam and Choline Bitartrate. Other ingredients include; gelatin and rice flour.

Uses include the following:
Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia;
Closed craniocerebral trauma;
Dyspraxia and dysgraphia;
Stroke ischemia and symptoms;
Vasospastic disorders.
Famous People with Alzheimer's Disease

Ronald Reagan

40th President of the U.S. was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1994. His wife advocates stem-cell research to help find a cure for the illness.


Charlton Heston

Heston suffered from prostate cancer, pneumonia, and Alzhimer's disease.

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17 Mar 2013 Severe neck spasms; like Lurch from Addams Family. Clonapin(sp) doesn't help. 30 mg adderal time release (6am), then 15 mg(1pm) a day doesn't get rid of drowsiness. neither does Clonapin (6am) or Nuvigl (1pm).
   —Posted by Bill the Fan
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25 Jan 2013 4 th day of 300 mg split up to three times a day,1000 am,1000,noon,1000 evening. Not taking cholene with it, but eating eggs and taking fish oil.
   —Posted by Charlie
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09 Dec 2012 Piracetam allows my life to be normal. Vertigo was so bad that I had to hold on to things to walk around in my house,was so nauseated I could barely could function, had constant ears pain about 15 years ago. My doctor could not give me any medicine which would control my vertigo.So I online researched Piracetam and on my own, I began taking Piracetam. I started with 400MG once a day and some lecithin. Then had to increase to 400MG 2 times a day. As I aged, finally I had to increase Piracetam to 800MG 2 times a day with choline and insotol to control Vertigo adequately. I am now 78 years old. I have no ill effects and will continue with Piracetam and choline and insotol, even if I must increase the amounts. Piracetam works for me !
   —Posted by Myra
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28 Nov 2012 I really cannot tell if Piracetam is doing any thing for me or not. I do not understand the mg. since it is written in something besides English. It states AL 800.
   —Posted by Mimi
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11 May 2012 I used Piracetam 800mg 3xday for one week. I felt very focused and mentally refreshed. Some headache after 3-4 days. I was very fluent in my speech and liked it very well. Then I stopped it after one week. Then, after 3 weeks gap, I restarted for one week at a dose of 800mg per day only, once in morning. I felt somewhat better than my normal, but not as sharp as with the initial high doze of 800x3 per day. Then I stopped after one week. Now I feel a bit sluggish. Read some negative comments as well for long term use. I plan to take the remaining 7 tablets in the first week of next month and then STOPP it altogether. The positive effects are too risky for the long term, I may become dependent on it. So I DONT PLAN TO CONTINUE USING IT AND LET MY BRAIN LIVE ITS NORMAL LIFE. I am already 63, quiet alert and sharp mind and I feel I should avoid such a risky behaviour.
   —Posted by Ishah
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11 May 2012 AND I did NOT take CHOLINE at all, against the advise found at various sites.
   —Posted by Ishah
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