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ProAir HFA

User Ratings
Out of 10
1.8  Effectiveness
5.6  Side Effects
3.2  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 7 ProAir HFA side effects and 2 ProAir HFA benefits.

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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is albuterol and brand name is ProAir HFA.

The active ingredient of this medication is albuterol sulfate.

ProAir HFA is manufactured by Dey L.P.

It is primarily used in the treatment and prevention of dyspnea or breathing problems in patients who have asthma or certain other airway diseases.
Famous People with Asthma
SmallLindsey LohanAAG-008877.jpg

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan made headlines in 2008 when she went to a Miami emergency room suffering from an acute asthma attack.


John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy

He often used amphetamines to control asthma symptoms.

SmallDiane Keaton SGY-000440.jpg

Diane Keaton

Keaton reportedly suffers from adult-onset asthma and once played at an asthmatic cat lover.

SmallJackie Joyner Kersee ADB-019212.jpg

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Jackie Joyner-Kersee's breathing difficulties were first diagnosed as bronchitis, then mononucleosis.

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   —Posted by Anonymous
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30 Mar 2013 I was glad to see new Pro-Air had a built-in counter. However, as I used it, my asthma symptoms worsened & I wheezed more & woke up wheezing & short of breath. I thought I' try omitting the rescue inhaler. Since stopping, I've had little need for anything more than ADVAIR and I only use albuterol with nebulizer (electric) or with hand-held nebulizer rarely. I wonder if it was the propellant, if that has been changed, as I did not have this experience before with Pro-Air
   —Posted by Pristine
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14 Feb 2013 Does anyone else think this medication has an aftertaste akin to the flavor of fresh green grapes? In other news, I have also experienced this inhaler's refusal to spray, just as grandmamean explained. I find that I need to press hard with my index and middle fingers combined with extra pressure from the rest of my hand, and not just my fingers or thumb. Still, it doesn't work at its best every time. The thick brown mucous occurrence never has happened to me, but sounds absolutely terrifying. A pediatrician new to my doctor's office has often recommend that I use this inhaler instead of a nebulizer for terrible cold-related chest congestion. I didn't - I still had good albuterol to use with my nebulizer and didn't trust the thing to do better than the moisture + medication a nebulizer provides.. I haven't tried to use ProAir HFA with a major case of chest congestion so I cannot comment well on its effectiveness. I do, however, notice when the inhaler is effective during a cold (which I have right now). I can certainly breathe deeper and find my light congestion easier to be rid of when it wasn't really loosening up beforehand. It's especially effective for me after waking up and congestion has settled in my chest. My asthma is not severe, not since I reached adulthood. I have only used this inhaler on and off for 2 years - this week being the most extensively I believe I have used it. I have previously used a blue generic inhaler I cannot remember the name of (just prior to receiving ProAir - I think it was a FloVent generic), and both Flovent and I think the white Warrick inhaler when I was a kid. I really wouldn't say it works as well as those did, but they used a different (wet) propellant - right? That's a pretty big deal.
   —Posted by Shroom
Show/Hide Response form  Respond 
09 Jul 2012 i use proair and it works great for me, in the past i have been subscribed xopenex and it does nothing. ive not had a problem with mine clogging and i hardly ever clean it. xopenex doesnt work for my nephew either. however, proair does makd me angry for no reason
   —Posted by Piccolo343
Show/Hide Response form  Respond 
14 Nov 2011 I am an asthmatic for over twenty years. The Warrick (white) inhaler which was discontinued was the most effective inhaler that I used. I was given ProAir after the Warrick was discontinued. This is the worst inhaler that I ever used. IT was ineffective and totally useless. I threw it in the garbage and went back to the doctor and told him to write me a prescription for something else. I have been using Ventolin which is much more effective than Proair. Apparently everyone is complaining that it is no good but yet still doctors are prescribing it. Is the Proair company giving kick backs to doctors. How many people have died because they lacked an effective inhaler when an acute attack emerges? My moms doctor says that she can only write prescriptions for Proair. I buy the ventolin for her out of pocket. We ashtmatics need to start a campaign agains this utter piece of garbage this drug company is parading as an inhaler. I will say it one last time as an asthmatic for over twenty years. PRO-AIR IS A AN INEFEECTIVE PIECE OF GARBAGE.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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22 Feb 2012 I have had COPD since 12/99. you are abolutely correct. This is the worse inhalant I've ever used. Had to change to ProAir as my medicare D provider wouldn't cover any other brand even though it's only a few dollars cheaper than Ventolin. As a result, I just changed my medicare D provider to one who covers Ventolin. An example of how bad Proair is, I cleaned it 3 days ago and this morning in testing it, spray came out 2 out of four times. With my condition, this is dangerous. Unfortunately I have to finish the rest of my supply of ProAir as I can't afford not to.
   —Posted by grandmamean, Illinois
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