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24 Sep 2012 I was switched from Jolessa which I loved, I've become more moody and my appetite is gone and I constantly have this full feeling and my digestion is all crazy, and I can't sleep but I'm tired all the time, even when I do manage to sleep.
   —Posted by Anon
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10 Sep 2012 I've been taking this medication for 3 months now and am going on my 5th week of having my period. Like others have said, I too experience a bit of moodiness (impatience is more how I'd describe it - subtle, but in hindsight, definitely there). I haven't had any weight gain, but I'm diligent about keeping an eye on that, and no cramps. I would definitely recommend taking your dose after you've eaten a meal as it's almost certain you'll get sick taking it on an empty stomach. All in all, everybody and every BODY is different. I'd suggest doing a full 3 month trial on the medication before you make any decisions. In the end, however, nobody knows your body like you do. If it's not right, than it's not.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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30 Apr 2012 Mostly good, no break through bleeding, only get naseous if I dont eat before I take it. But... recently I developed a rash, 4 days after starting a new pack. Bad lot? I have sensitive skin, but my usual remedies aren't working. Its been on my ankles, thighs, bikini area, back, arms, armpits... Now only on one knee & won't go away on thighs. Been almost two weeks. Can't find any other cause that wouldn't have allowed it to go away by now.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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30 Apr 2012 Not sure if its related yet, but 4 days after I started a new pack, I've had a rash that is traveling all over the place. I've taken Quasense for more than a couple years, so maybe its this lot? 90+% of people have had an allergic reaction. Can't determine any other source...
   —Posted by Anonymous
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27 Sep 2011 This pill has made me so irritable ever since I've been on it. I blow up at people for things I never would have before. I have been exercising more to try to deal with the irritability which is about the only good thing I can say besides the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant....
   —Posted by Anonymous
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