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Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis
SmallTeri Garr LRS-024662.jpg

Teri Garr

In 2002 Teri Garr announced that she had had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years.

SmallMontel Williams SGG-046184.jpg

Montel Williams

Williams was first diagnosed with MS in 1999, although he'd been having episodes on and off for many years.

SmallTamia Hill DLL-087963.jpg

Tamia Hill

In 2003 Tamia announced that she has Multiple Sclerosis.

SmallClay Walker & wife PRN-020703.jpg

Clayton (Clay) Walker

Clay produced one country music hit after another until he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996.


Jacqueline du Pré

When du Pré was still only 28, her doctors reached the conclusion that she was suffering from MS.

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07 Apr 2016 I do not want to take any drugs, as I honestly believe a lot of the drugs supplied by doctors, even when just following instructions have resulted in a number of people committing suicide which I know I could have done if I had continued with statins and other prescribed drugs by a doctor. However I have continued with Ramipril as I am of the opinion it may be reducing my blood pressure as I did suffer with a heart attack. I have now got two stents inserted and a pace maker. I am in reasonably good health and aged 91 years.
   —Posted by J. M.
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15 Oct 2015 This product makes me nausious , fatigue is serious. I feel horrible after taking it. Doctors will not consider an side affects from this product and will not even consider changing it. I feel like I have the flu all the time. Which is difficult as I have fibromyalgia. Another illness which doctors will not recognize.
   —Posted by Wendy
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   —Posted by GOD IS GOOD
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28 Feb 2015 I realize the Ramipril has helped lower my blood pressure but the constipation is hard to deal with. It's the only drug I take and before taking Ramipril I was never constipated to this extent. I'm thinking maybe I should be trying something else or quit taking Ramipril to see if is the culprit. The reason I started taking Ramipril - I had a hysterectomy in Oct 2014 and that's when my blood pressure got out of wack and was prescribed Ramipril.
   —Posted by Fran
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30 Nov 2014 Loss of taste, hair thinning.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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