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Reclipsen (28)

User Ratings
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2.8  Effectiveness
6.5  Side Effects
4.5  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 10 Reclipsen (28) side effects and 4 Reclipsen (28) benefits.

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22 Dec 2014 I was put on this on alternate days after failed egg retrieval. When my oestrogen did not rise and my FSH didn not lower much, I was asked to take it everyday for a few days, but it had no impact. My LH did lower and my progesterone did increase however. Worse of all, was my lack of joy and motivation for activities I usually enjoy. I felt like a robot without emotion and it made me feel low. I also experienced dry eyes. Other bcps have not had this effect on me. I have returned to Loestrin30 which makes me feel fine. I never want to take Reclipsen ever again.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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17 Nov 2014 It's worked great for clearing up my skin, preventing pregnancy and decreasing the span of my periods. But I have had frequent yeast infections for the past year and believe it is due to this pill. Severely decreased sex drive as well as mood swings and anxiety.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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13 Jan 2014 I was put on Reclipsen to treat PCOS symptoms and it was good for that, until I started getting frequent migraines. I was very moody, suffered anxiety, would cry for no reason at all, and was easily irritated. I was very tired of the feeling and it caused much fatigue. I truly thought something was wrong me and I just felt miserable. After a year of taking Reclipsen, I found out that since I had aurora migraines before taking this pill, I was at a higher chance of experiencing a stroke by age 30. I stopped taking this pill and went to an Estrogen free pill. I feel better now than I have in a long time and haven't experienced one headache after three months of being off of Reclipsen. I feel better emotionally and psychically, but Estrogen free pills do not relieve PCOS symptoms as well. If you experience true migraines like me (feels like your in a dream, partial blindness, seeing stars, slurred speech and loss of concentration and/or confusion days before - early signs), stop taking this pill immediately.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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31 Jan 2013 Since starting Reclipsen for my endometriosis I have been nauseous, dizzy, extreamly moody, restless at night and have had severe migraines. I have suffered from Bi-polar/migraines for years until starting Reclipsen I was managing them with preventative meds Depakote 500 mg ER once daily and Butalbial as needed for a migraine... I have woken up with/developed a migraine 7 days out of the 2 weeks I have been taking Reclipsen. I also just found that my Butalbitol can cause the Reclipsen to metabolize too quickly and tamper with Reclipsen's effectiveness. I am trying to give it a fair shake and hope these symptoms go away after my hormones level out. Does anyone else have a simular experience or any advice? *please forgive any spelling/grammatical errors I am having trouble uploading from my cell phone and can't see my entire message at once*
   —Posted by Datola
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03 Oct 2012 I've been taking Reclipsen for years and I love it. I've had slightly decreased sex drive, but besides that the only side effect I've had since I started it is my boobs got bigger...no complaints here :) I am confused how it's a generic, yet it has a generic version itself. Whatever...hope this is helpful!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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