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CNN medical correspondent got swine flu while in Afghanistan.
Star of Desperate Housewives may have come down with swine flu recently, but other repo...
NBA basketball star thinks he caught the swine flu virus from a vaccination.
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Rachel Maddow
Paul Schultz
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Rachel Maddow
Rachel Anne Maddow (1973-), American radio and television host and political commentator. Maddow is the first openly homosexual anchor hired by a prime-time news network in the U.S. She hosts the nightly show The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, and also hosts a radio show on Air America Radio.

While appearing as a guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Maddow announced publicly that she had been diagnosed with swine flu. Maddow had taken a week off from hosting her regular shows to stay home and rest, and she had been required to wear a mask on her visit to the hospital so as not to spread the virus.
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21 Mar 2011 In Hesperia California the City Council recently voted 4-1 to approve Rats As Service Animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In other words in Hesperia a person with a note from their doctor can bring RATS into any resturant or grocery store claiming that they need these RATS AS SERVICE ANIMALS just as a blind person would need a seeing eye dog. The Mayor Pro Tem of Hesperia when confronted with the wisdom of this issue told the inquirer to "eat S--t and Die!---Hesperia has a population of 25,000 or more. Here are the newspaper sites to confirm this story for yourselves. http://www.vvdailypress.com/news/attorney-26603-blewett-victorville.html and http://www.vvdailypress.com/news-blew-26620-blewett-hesperia.html What is happening out there???
—Posted by Hendon Harris
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