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Famous People with Benign Tumors

Tiger Woods

Professional golf player has undergone three arthroscopic knee surgeries.

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User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I started this medicine to lower my prolactin level, which was causing me to lactate even though I have never been pregnant. Mirapex solved both problems--within the week I was back to normal.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I have four buldging discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis and an old vertebral fracture from an accident. I want to avoid surgery at all costs, and have had two epidurals for pain control (also something I want to avoid). I was having difficulty walking and functioning and it was not time for another epidural, so I tried zymflamend. I also willl not take narcotics or other addictive drugs and was taking NSAIDS daily to the max. I started the xymflamend and did not see a difference for about... View full comment
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
since taking this drug i have noticed a lot of changes in my body i have alot of muscle pain in my legs arms and hand and right hip i also have tingling in my fingers and have muscle wasting in my right hand i do not think people should use this drug as side effects are bad
Femcon FE
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
While I realize that everybody is different and one birth control pill may not be better than the next. I was given this pill because I have had bad side effects from the pill previously and my Dr said that this pill was designed for women just like me. All I will say is it is the worse pill I have even taken. My side effects were the worse than any pill I have tried previous. I would not recommend it!
Benzoyl Peroxide
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Proactiv was good, but it stopped working after a while. I have to go off of it for a few months and go back on. Proactiv turned my face a bit darker when I first started using it, but my skin went back to normal within two weeks. I noticed Proactiv also bleaches my dark colored towels.
Quinidine Sulfate
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Its an efficient drug for the treatment of malaria, despiet of its secondary effects.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Works well for headache
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