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Famous People with Depression
SmallMary Kate Olsen.jpg

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen has struggled with depression, ADD and the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has struggled with depression for years, and despite taking anti-depressants tried to commit suicide in 2007.


Sheryl Crow

When Crow suffered a bad stretch of depression in 2003, the musician began an exercise routine and took Prozac to assist in her recovery.


Jim Carrey

This comedian is self-proclaimed to be a "weird, serious person," and has been battling clinical depression since childhood.


Larry King

Late night talk show host Larry King had a bout with depression after having heart surgery in 1987.

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User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
It is an efficient drug for wounds. The treatment only requires small quantity of the product.
Junel FE
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Have been on this for about 2 years now, it was a bit rough the first month, but each month got better. By the third month I felt normal. Had a bit of nausea during that time, but never threw up. No longer have irregular periods, and now they are much shorter and I don't feel sick when I have them. But now that I've been on it awhile I'm starting to wonder if maybe the acne I am getting is from the pills cuz I hadn't had acne for several yrs before going on it. Also I had no dental problems e... View full comment
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Dexedrine can act as an appetite suppressant. Although some may take advantage of this characteristic, I find that if I don't keep protein and small meals going and drink a lot of water I become edgy and nervy. Even if you don't feel hungry it is better to have a little something healthy (not sugary as this spikes and drops energy levels). Some people feel "high" from not eating so take care not to fall into this bad habit. I also find that if I am feeling distraught over somet... View full comment
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I have been on it fairly 2 weeks and its way to early to give any evaluation but as far as i can feel the loss of energy is interfering with my daily chores.Otherwise it has definitely reduced my anxiety and anger issues and i feel generally way calmer.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
Tylenol works fine for my pain relief, but it seems to take longer to feel the relief than Advil. I prefer aspirin for pain relief from headaches because it works quicker.
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
since taking one pump of estrogel daily i have experienced a decline in hot flushes but have severe headaches every day and generally feel quite low and have a lack of energy.I quite often feel dizzy and my head feels its about to explode I have also experienced a sort of wooshing in my ears and I am unsure if this is due to an increase in blood pressure?
Lithium Carbonate
User Ratings:
Side Effects
Holistic Benefits
I have been on lithium for 35 yrs. had a breakdown when my identical sister died.I tried twice in that period of time to stop it and I got a mini break down.Iwill never get off it again.But i would like to go down to one because of all these side effects.Of course I will be asking my dr. about it,but I wanted to know if my feelings about these side effects are being aggravated by lithium.
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