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Can maggot and leech therapy outperform modern medicine?
Bizarre Treatments 2 of 13 | Speed
Sea anemones: taking the “ouch” out of insulin?
Evaluate your treatment
Sea anemones: taking the “ouch” out of insulin?
I once asked a friend how she had had the discipline to ditch her Type 2 diabetes with a stringent raw food diet. “Sticking needles into yourself is a powerful motivation,” she snickered.

But help may be at hand for everyone else who must endure daily needles. Scientists have formulated a cream that could be as effective as standard syringes for delivering insulin—it’s filled with the Mediterranean sea anemone’s stinging cells. The cells contain a hair-like needle 40 micrometres long. Scientists first remove the natural toxins and then mix the cells into a cream containing ingredients that are able to diffuse into the needles. When the cream is applied, up to a million microscopic needles can be found on just one square centimeter of skin, and about one-third will be in the rig...View full story
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Maggots versus MRSA < Previous Next > Fish pedicures | Speed

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