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Treatment Information
The generic name of Taxol is paclitaxel.

Taxol contains active ingredient paclitaxel, which is a form of chemotherapy medication for cancer known as a 'taxane.'

Inactive ingredients in Taxol infusion include polyoxyethylated castrol oil and dehydrated ethanol.

Taxol functions by inhibiting carcinogenic cells from dividing and multiplying. It destroys the cancer cells and inhibits the cancer from growing and spreading.

Taxol is used in the treatment of advanced stage ovarian cancer. It is administered in combination with cisplatin as first-line therapy.

Taxol is also used as adjuvant treatment of node-positive breast carcinoma given periodically to standard doxorubicin-containing combination chemotherapy.

Taxol is usually administered in the hospital as a three-hour intravenous infusion drip at two or three week intervals between treatments. The purpose of the treatment is to progressively shrink the cancer over repeated cycles of chemotherapy, allowing normal, healthy cells to recover during the interim phase.
Famous People with Breast Cancer

Olivia Newton-John

Star of the movie musical Grease found out she had breast cancer at age 44. She used Eastern and Western techniques to battle the illness.


Christina Applegate

Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36, but was prepared for it because of her family history and a genetic test.


Kylie Minogue

Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, and said that undergoing chemotherapy was like "experiencing a nuclear bomb."


Edie Falco

The Sopranos star Edie Falco underwent chemotherapy during filming. She kept her illness a secret from the cast and crew to maintain strength.

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27 May 2014 THIS DRUG SHOULD NOT BE ON THE MARKET!! Women are being targeted by drug companies and the harmful effects of chemo BY FAR OUTWEIGH ANY SMALL CANCER!! If you accept a biopsy without complete tissue removal - you are being robbed of your life and preyed upon by drug makers! 5% of world population and 50% of all pharmaceuticals sold in the USA for population control and monetary gain!! DONT ALLOW THIS SCAM TO CONTINUE ON WOMEN!! Heartless Congress is 100% responsible!! FDA DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT AMERICANS FROM THIS HORRIBLE THING CALLED CHEMO!!
   —Posted by Disgusted by Pharmaceutical Companies in USA
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06 Jan 2012 I am on prescribed (high) dose of Taxotere which is given via Porta Cath every 3 weeks, with one treatment to go. Moderate to severe muscle/bone/joint pain is the most significant side effect since I have been on this drug. My genital area has been affected with swelling, itching and pain and of course hair loss in the area. I have been applying ice packs to the area to reduce the swelling and Vagisil for the itching and keeping area dry as possible. Also use sitz baths with 1tsp salt which seems to help in healing the labial area. Nausea which can be moderate to severe is still a problem for me though so am still taking Metoclopramide almost daily. Overall symptoms/side effects could be worse but will be glad when treatment is finally over.
   —Posted by Sandra
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21 Oct 2010 Severe netropenia resulted in several hospitalizations, required me to take daily shots of nupigen and neulasta. Worse side effects occured 3-4 days after infusion and lasted approx. 48 hours. Can compare it too having the flu by with symptoms being magnifed 10x.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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31 May 2010 Although I had allergic reaction with each infusion, the side effects from the Taxol got better after 7-10 days. I didn't have nausea at all (actually had a very good appetite) except my stomach was queasy for about 7 days after 4th infusion. I had an odd taste in my mouth with excess saliva for a several days after infusions. Very tired but that too improves after 7-10 days. Leg pain for 2-4 days afterward - relieved by taking hydrocodone. It has been 11 days since 4th infusion and still have mild numbness in feet and toes. I only had a sentinel node biopsy and have had some numbness since my mastectomy but I think it is worse after the infusion.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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