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Terbinafine Hydrochloride

User Ratings
Out of 10
2.7  Effectiveness
6.8  Side Effects
4.7  Holistic Benefits

RateADrug users have reported 8 Terbinafine Hydrochloride side effects and 6 Terbinafine Hydrochloride benefits.

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Treatment Information
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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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User Comments and videos for Terbinafine Hydrochloride
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03 May 2014 I took Lamisil tablets until I started getting diarrhea around June of 2013. I had taken them two months prior to getting diarrhea. It's May of 2014 and I still have diarrhea!! It has been almost a year, It's horrible! It's not as bad as it was before though, but I have it on and off!! I'm just wondering if my health will go back to normal! I will say that the tablets did get rid of the fungus on my toe but the side effects are not worth it!!!
   —Posted by Rick1993
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12 Apr 2013 I recommend no one to take this drug EVER because you will lose sense of taste. I have lost my sense of taste for one year and still cannot taste. After everything I eat including beverages it feels salty and tongue waters. I was taking the 250 mg for 37 days and lost of taste!
   —Posted by KD
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12 Apr 2013 My Aunt has taken this medication for 3weeks and completely lost her sense of taste! It's has been almost a YEAR next month. She says certain foods taste bitter. Also at night her mouth gets VERY dry! Our question is: Will her ability to taste again ever come back?!
   —Posted by Curious Niece
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09 Sep 2012 I suffered complete loss of sense of taste after 5 weeks of taking this drug, and a strong bitter chemical taste for all foods and drinks that persisted for weeks after stopping the drug. It took 2 months to get my sense of taste back after taking the drug. Loss of taste is a known side effect of this drug, so, it should be banned from sale because its too dangerous. Be warned, some people have lost their sense of taste for much longer after taking this drug. It is not worth the risk.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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15 Jul 2012 Don't take this drug, its terrible! After taking for six weeks I completely lost my sense of taste, and everything tasted very bitter and metallic. After stopping the drug, its now been 3 weeks and everything still tastes terrible. I've since found out that many people suffer from loss of taste with this drug, and in some cases never regain their sense of taste. In many cases, it takes weeks or even months to regain the sense of taste. Don't take the risk, its not worth it. Just soak your toenail in cider vinegar every night for a couple of months to fix your fungal toenail. Don't take this poisonous chemical, its not worth the risk!
   —Posted by jmr_syd
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20 Aug 2012 jmr_syd.. I was just prescribed this for a toenail fungus. I'm on day 2 of it. I was wondering if you got your sense of taste back yet? I'm always leary on meds.
   —Posted by RNewbie2011
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