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16 May 2011 Nothing in the whole legal world worked for me until my doctor reluctantly prescribed Tussionex for my constant and uncontrollable coughing- due to smog and vog (volcanic stuff in Hawaii combined with pollution), sleepless nights, weight loss, mental and emotional anguish, and mild bronchitis, asthma, and panic attacks due to severe coughing and choking. Tussionex, used only for me to take before sleeping- most of the effects are gone by next morning- restored my sleep-deprived body and made me relaxed, less panicky, and able to function. I was never addicted to the drug- only used it in very extreme cases of many sleepless nights with severe coughing (even popped a few blood vessels in my retina due to coughing and almost went blind). The benefits outweighed any side effects- slept like a baby, was kinda dopey at times and needed caffeine, and felt a slight stomach upset and loss in appetite. Now, I am better than normal and know what to ask for in emergency cases only. I find that codeine derivatives work better when used sparingly. Best wishes to those who need it. Do not abuse it, use it like gold.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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20 Jun 2010 I was prescribed tussinex for my cough when I got bronchitis, it works great! It stopped my cough immediately and lasts about 4-5 hours. It does make me very sleepy though, but I still recommend it.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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19 Mar 2009 I had acute Bronchitis and it stopped my coughing so that I could sleep. It is strong, read the directions on dosege. Eat before you take it. Thumbs way up.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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