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Famous People with Asthma
SmallLindsey LohanAAG-008877.jpg

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan made headlines in 2008 when she went to a Miami emergency room suffering from an acute asthma attack.


John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy

He often used amphetamines to control asthma symptoms.

SmallDiane Keaton SGY-000440.jpg

Diane Keaton

Keaton reportedly suffers from adult-onset asthma and once played at an asthmatic cat lover.

SmallJackie Joyner Kersee ADB-019212.jpg

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Jackie Joyner-Kersee's breathing difficulties were first diagnosed as bronchitis, then mononucleosis.

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13 Nov 2010 My allergy specialist had me using Xopenex suspension 3-4 times per a day on a nebuliser, along my inhaler every 4 hours for several weeks with my shortness of breath and chest tightness becoming worse...I think it was way too much. I developed chest pain/tightness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tremors, and insomnia. Eventually, they changed my asthma controller medication from Advair to Symbicort, but I still have most of the above sypmtoms and was diagnosed with Costochondritis. Be careful - symptoms like those aboe should not last that long!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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13 Aug 2010 Helps me breath better!
   —Posted by Anonymous
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18 Jul 2010 This medication also helps me breathe when I get an asthma attack but it takes a little bit longer than the albuterol and I do not get any side effects with xopenex like the fast heartbeat and tremors, so regarding side effects its better but it takes longer than the other medication.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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29 Jun 2009 Well of course I stopped taking it, it almost killed me, if I wasn't actually dead for short periods. I was in total paralysis, having hallucinations that the walls were aglow with fire, and thinking that the toxic fumes from the (Non-existant) fire were keeping me from being able to move.Thinking that if I could only force myself to move I might snap out of it and escape, but I couldn't.Then the voices started, telling me I was already dead and why should I fight it anymore?Horrible, lasting about 12 hours. Preceeded by worsened asthma after inhalation, then anger, finally the 12 hours above. Afterwords, falling back throughout the next day into fears the experience was returning.
   —Posted by Matt
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17 Mar 2009 I don't feel jittery or nervous, or have heart palpitations like I got when I tried Albuterol. I felt HORRIBLE when I tried albuterol. It was like I was having a panic attack, or had to much caffiene. Xopenex doesn't do that. Plus, I got up a couple nights and used my inhaler and felt fine. I did the same w/ Albuterol neb and couldn't go back to sleep.
   —Posted by AsthmaSux
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