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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is cetirizine and brand name is Zyrtec.
The active ingredients of this medication are cetirizine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride.
Zyrtec is manufactured solely by McNeil Consumer Healthcare pharmaceutical company.
Mainly used for the prevention or treatment of symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies.
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User Comments and videos for Zyrtec
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15 Jan 2016 I took Zyrtec for a while. I was feeling tired and couldn't figure out why. Then it got worse. I started experience high blood pressure (all my life I had it low), vision loss, poor appetite, stomach aches and especially RAGE. I was alway angry and didn't understand the cause. Then I went to Europe, ran out of Zyrtec and went back to my usual self. The FDA is so difficult for many things but they allow poison like Zyrtec on the shelves. Go figure.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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02 Jan 2013 Had to chime in I have been using Zyrtec for years I have tried all the main ones Allegra, Claritin and others I don't remember the names of. All of these I have tried when they were new RX only and later OTC. In my experience Allegra took a very long time to start preventing allergies but was effective. Claritin worked quickly but was not as effective as Allegra. It made me wired but now as long as I don't take the decongestant version it works OK. The first time I tried Zyrtec it worked within an hour this was the standard original one without decongestant in it. I have never felt sleepy or anxious from it and even after several years of taking it still works like magic. When I take it daily I sometimes forget I have allergies. I have to wonder if anyone is taking the decongestant version instead of the original version, maybe that is why there are so many reports of anxiety? Just a thought.
   —Posted by Kadensmom
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25 Feb 2012 I took generic Zyrtec for approx two months. At first, I noticed mild sleepiness and adjusted the time of day I took my dose. Over the next two months the sleepiness increased to the point that I was sleeping two to three hours longer per night and woke each morning still exhausted and feeling that I could have slept all day. When I found myself even nodding off at stop lights, I decided that thought I had great relief from allergies, being an irritable zombie wasn't worth it, so I decIded to go off it. That's when the real problems began. I had an almost heroine like withdrawal off severe nausea, headaches and overall pain that four weeks later are still not completely resolved. Google Zyrtec withdrawal and you will find frightening stories like mine and worse. There are especially bad complaints about kids and Zyrtec. I would never even consider taking another drug like this again. Horrible experience that I have lost months of my life to.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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05 Jan 2012 It definitely stops my allergies from acting up, though I'm fast asleep so I can't enjoy the allergy free hours it provides.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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23 Oct 2011 Zyrtec is fine but it only works on low pollen count/allergy days. I usually have to take something better to get sufficient relief
   —Posted by Anonymous
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