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8  Side Effects
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Treatment Information
The generic name of this medication is bupropion and brand names are Aplenzin, Budeprion, Wellbutrin and Zyban.

The active ingredient of this medication is bupropion.

It is mainly used to treat adults with a certain type of depression called major depressive disorder. It is supplied as an extended-release tablet.
Famous People with Depression
SmallMary Kate Olsen.jpg

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen has struggled with depression, ADD and the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has struggled with depression for years, and despite taking anti-depressants tried to commit suicide in 2007.


Sheryl Crow

When Crow suffered a bad stretch of depression in 2003, the musician began an exercise routine and took Prozac to assist in her recovery.


Jim Carrey

This comedian is self-proclaimed to be a "weird, serious person," and has been battling clinical depression since childhood.


Larry King

Late night talk show host Larry King had a bout with depression after having heart surgery in 1987.

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25 Sep 2011 I have tried so many different medications for depression; most of them had poor results or no results at all (yr 2005). Finally after a year and a half of trial and error, Lamictal produced the best results. I also take Lorazepam (as needed) for panic attacks (the attacks are not a side effect from the Lamictal). After about 3 years the Lamictal seemed like it was wearing off or something (yr 2008). It just was not as effective as it was before. So, I went through another trial and error to find something to work with the Lamictal (combination treatment). So in late 2009, I tried Aplenzin for 1 month and it worked well. I was so relieved that I found something that worked. I thought it was kind of weird that Lamictal treat seizures and Aplenzin causes seizures. I don’t know how they work together, but it works, and I now have a lot more happy days than sad days. The side effects are kind of rough at times, but I ask myself, how far am I willing to go to be happy. The side effects I dislike the most are nausea and stomach pain. I’d say my pain is probably like 5/10 on the pain scale. But the other effects such as dry mouth, dizziness, loss of words, forgetful, and sometimes rapid heartbeat aren’t so bad. The benefits I like the most from Aplenzin are happy days / perky feeling, loss of appetite (I used to be fat), and energy. My family noticed that I am a more positive person than before and so far, I would say I used to have about 3/10 good days before the Aplenzin. I now have at least 8/10 happy days since taking the Aplenzin.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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16 Jun 2011 My heart races at night starting about 8 or 9 o'clock pm and I have trouble sleeping. Wake up startled. I have inadvertentlyy forgotten med and on those days, my heart does not race or skip beats at night. I take 348mg in am. When I have racing heart at nightime, the next day my chest lightly hurts. I Can not tell if it is helping with depression or anxiety. Had a stent placed and was advised to take for about three month after placement. Had little depression at start time but not much. Would like to try getting off Aplenzin completely. I have contacted my physican and am wating for a response.
   —Posted by Shae
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27 Jun 2010 Very pleased with the med. I fought depression for many years and took Prozac which help considerably. I began to develop dysphoria. I found no enjoyment from anything so weekends and nights were very boring and I started drinking to kill the boredom. My doctor started me on Aplenzin. There were side effects for the first week. but they were not severe. Mostly a feeling of heightened awareness and anxiety. After one week, the dysphoria was lifting and what ever depression lingered from before was dissapearing as well. My mood improved and returned to interests and hobbies I enjoyed. For me Aplenzin is a mirical drug.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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