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Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

Muhammad Ali

Known as 'The Greatest,' Ali had one of the most successful and noteworthy careers in boxing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease three years after retirement.

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15 Jun 2015 Started Candex on my doctor's recommendation. Started getting severe stomach aches and diarrhoea but I did not immediately associate it with Candex. I stopped all supplements due to this, added in some to help stomach recover and then took a Candex (just one) and had severe stomach cramps, vomiting for hours and diarrhoea. I have also had trouble tolerating digestive enzymes in the past. I would love to know what I'm reacting to, have had one person suggest they they are high histamine and it's possibly a histamine reaction.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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24 Dec 2013 Product works effectively just a couple nagging side effects
   —Posted by Anonymous
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11 Aug 2013 I took it for 2 days and broke out in hives
   —Posted by Anonymous
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09 Apr 2013 Have been on Liquid Nystatin & Diflucan now for 6 weeks with little results for oral thrush. Have tried to take Candex along with these and each time that I do my blood pressure drops. Got any duggestions?
   —Posted by Pat
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11 Nov 2012 I was diagnosed with Candida about 10 years back around 2003. I have struggled with different symptoms over the eyars and I was taking Bestum Multivitamin, Glucosamine (for joint pain), P'udraco and many other antifungals. They helped for sometime but then became less effective. I felt so helpless at sometimes. About 2 weeks ago I started with Candex and this is so amazing, I have stopped taking Glocosamine for the first time since 2005, no joint pains, no brain fog, feel new and rejuvinated, energetic. I am strict on sugar, yeast, gluten, I drink a lot of water. I had fungi on my toe nail and it is clearing. major plus is no healing crisis! I am so excited, this product works.
   —Posted by SN - Johannesburg SA
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