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Famous People with Insomnia & Sleeping Disorder

Michael Jackson

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson died of a lethal overdose of the anesthetic propofol, or Diprivan, which he used to relieve his chronic insomnia.


Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger suffered from insomnia and sometimes slept less than two hours a night.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is one of 20th century pop culture's most important figures. He suffered from drug addiction and insomnia.


Drew Barrymore

Actress, film producer, and director Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood. She now suffers from severe insomnia and anxiety attacks.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.



The highest grossing rapper in the world has a history of insomnia and drug dependence. He checked himself into rehabilitation to help deal with his condition.

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26 May 2018 It's good Tablet but having addiction issue
   —Posted by Anonymous
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10 Dec 2017 When all medicines failed etizola was a life saver. I loved it.it gave my life and good sleep back.i was so active.......now i stopped.but is highly addictive.now no anxiety and good sleep
   —Posted by Anonymous
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22 Mar 2017 Etizolam is extremely addictive! I started using this med 1-2mg daily for anxiety and agoraphobia and within a few months was taking extremely large doses of 50mg daily at these doses I would black out and comit crimes. My etizolam experience ended when I went to jail and had to detox from this drug. The withdrawal was a nightmare and now 6 months after stopping using it Im still not right.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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14 Jul 2017 How bad were the withdrawals? And how did you get off of it. I am taking it, and tolerance builds quickly. I was taking a very dose, as well. I have tapered to 15mg, and I have experienced withdrawal from phenibut. The only thing that saved me was baclofen. However there is no replacement drug for benzos. How are you not the same? I'm asking because I'm scared of the withdrawals and after effects.
   —Posted by Anonymous87
03 Mar 2017 I need a more regular uppl...preferblyino.5mVtern B
   —Posted by Veteran B
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11 Feb 2017 I bought my etizolam in Canada. Great stuff. NIce relaxation and it helped my insomnia. I also had a mood lift. Most importantly it almost elminiated all of my severe social anxiety. I dont plan to use it often but when i do need it it certainly does the trick
   —Posted by Anonymous
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