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Famous People with Reproductive Disorders

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was one of the bombshells of the 20th century. Unfortunately, she suffered from several health problems, including insomnia, endometriosis, and drug addiction.

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24 May 2015 Discontinued last month after 14 years of treatment and experienced withdrawal symptoms including: insomnia, depression, eyelid twitch, rage, overstimulation, lethargy.
   —Posted by Jason73
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02 Aug 2013 watch for fluctuating glucose levels-- i had extremely low blood sugar while taking this then it would spike 38 to 185 in a few hours for example. it rendered me paralyzed without glucose tablets and taking my sugar every other hour-- i was taken off cold turkey and have not had one fluctuation since-- very harsh drug -made me disoriented, and i could not function on any higher dose than 50mg. i lost hair, gained weight, and had no sex life AT ALL--
   —Posted by yikes
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02 Aug 2013 This medication works well- however I experienced a rare side effect, but one to watch for nonetheless---sever fluctuations in blood sugar. Like 38 to 185 in a matter of an hour-- this is the only drug I took and I have no other reason for it to happen. I was disoriented,shaky and almost passed out on more than one occasion. This was terrifying to me. I have bp2 and other than that and a slight weight gain, hair loss, this worked great for mood stabilization. I would recommend it with the caution that everyone just make sure to monitor your glucose levels if you start feeling odd. Also, I was yanked off it cold turkey and th withdrawl was rough...but what can one expect?! your supposed to titrate off-- and GO SLOW with dose increases-- very slow-- it helps to eliminate some discomfort. good luck:)
   —Posted by Tracy
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01 Aug 2013 Control my zeisures all the time.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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25 May 2012 my dr wants to add wellbutrion-- i am scared--anyone take this combo?
   —Posted by tracy46
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25 May 2012 Wellbutrin and Lamictal totally wired me---but I sure could do a lot of work! My other problems are OCD and generalized anxiety disorder which explains that reaction to me. If you are coming out of a really deep depression that combo might work for you. Ask the Doc why he thinks this is a good idea and if there are any alternatives (and there are). I went through about 10 meds or so before something worked (also take Celexa., Remeron and Temazepam). Insomnia can be a big prob with both those drugs. But Lamictal is the greatest---even "normal" people should take it
   —Posted by wmblake
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