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Mucinex DM

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RateADrug users have reported 7 Mucinex DM side effects and 4 Mucinex DM benefits.

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Famous People with HIV/AIDS

Magic Johnson

The world was stunned when Dream Team basketball player Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV-positive in 1991.


Freddie Mercury

The charismatic lead singer of Queen contracted HIV in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.


Gia Carangi

Gorgeous model Gia was one of the first world-famous people to die of AIDS, in the days when few treatments were available.



Gangsta rapper Eazy-E thouht he was having problems with asthma, but died of AIDS within a month of diagnosis.

SmallRock Hudson.jpg

Rock Hudson

"His legacy will be our continued fight for a cure for AIDS," said Dynasty co-star Linda Gray of the first major star to die of AIDS.



Liberace's manager claimed that the entertainer's extreme weight loss came from the Watermelon Diet, not AIDS.

SmallArthur Ashe.jpg

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe contracted HIV during heart surgery, in the days before the blood supply was routinely tested for the virus.


Isaac Asimov

Although Isaac Asimov showed symptoms of AIDS after heart surgery, his doctors refused to test him.


Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis originally thought HIV was a death sentence, but his cousin convinced him to stay active.


Tommy Morrison

Did boxer Tommy Morrison have HIV and shake it off, or did he never have it at all?

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09 Jul 2015 Taking the "Maxium Strength" Mucinex DM and didn't feel much relief at all, felt congested and had runny nose all the time and didn't cough up much phlegm. Not sure what works better but felt I wasted $25 for buying both the day & night maximum strength versions.
   —Posted by Wukong543
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16 May 2015 The mucinex dm helped with the congestion, and loosened the phlegm, and made me cough and blow my nose, but it also made me feel real bad all over, with increased anxiety, nervousness, spaced out, blurred vision, feeling faint, lightheaded, no energy, weird uneasy feeling all over.
   —Posted by cvoor
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20 Feb 2015 I took nighttime for 10 days no noticeable problems then I took 1 mucinex nighttime with fever for 3 nights and got extremely dizzy nauseous feelings equilibrium was off I went to doctor no sinus infection still over a week later my eyesight seems off and I get waves of dizziness very slight but upsetting....
   —Posted by Dotbronx
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30 Dec 2014 I was asked to take MucinexDM after reporting to my MD chest congestion with productive cough (white blobs of mucus) that mostly wouldn't come up. It dried up the mucus right away. However, an hour after taking my first dose of 2 tablets, my body, beginjning with face and spreading downward over my entire body, turned sunburn/bright red with an intense burning sensation. I drank a lot of water and gradually the symptoms subsided. I'm not sure what it interacted with, but I suspect it might by my 60 mg. daily dose of generic Cymbalta--an antidepressant, but not an MAOI. I'm going to call my 24-hour pharmacy to determine if it is safe to take my 30 mg. Restoril/Temazepam sleeping med or to take my Cymbalta in the AM. Scared the hell out of me.
   —Posted by Anonymous
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19 Jun 2014 Everyone catches a cold once in a while. One of the most common diseases is cough and cold. Generally when you catch a cold you do not see a doctor to get a prescribed drug. Instead you look for over the counter drugs and home based remedies. But if it is a bad cold which results into chest congestion then the home based remedies might not be enough. The best over the counter drug for a severe cold is Mucinex DM. - See more at: http://coughexpectorantguide.com/#sthash.0KQ2S0fS.dpuf
   —Posted by Dum
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